I am embarrassed to say that I taught sex education to 14 year olds as part of their health studies. At the time I was uncertain of the names of body parts even though I had given birth to three children. I know I muddled up uterus, vagina and vulva. And I know the focus of the class was on how not to get pregnant!
Before I learned embodiment skills I lived with permanently bruised hips as I constantly bumped into things, living my life in an unaware daze. I was so not in my body that I did not feel my babies move throughout my pregnancies. The result of being on this slippery slope was deteriorating health and life-threatening illness.
My memory of my sex education at school is in science class, our teacher dimming the lights and showing us a film. My memory of the film is a woman beating a bowl of cake batter over her bulbous tummy, folding over and next she is holding a baby!
My sex education from my family involved a book called Where Do Babies Come From? A cartoonized children’s book. But the stronger message was my mum’s terror. She projected her fear of unwanted pregnancy for her daughters. I remember speaking to her about a person I knew “falling pregnant”. She was the pastor’s daughter and I believed she was “well behaved”. My mum insisted that penetration was unnecessary for pregnancy and that a stray sperm in a healthy young body could be the “cause.”
I lived in a family where academic education was highly prized. My parents sacrificed a lot so I could attend a tuition based school and then on through University. With 9 years of higher education under my belt I was still on the slippery slope.
So how did I grow up so unaware of myself?
This is what I understand now. While my family honoured intellectual knowledge they did not understand interpersonal skills and how to fully, deeply relate to another. Without these skills my parents fought and tore each other apart. We lacked clear boundaries as a family and I know that without clear boundaries there were violations that have caused long-term harm.
So how did I become educated?
I recently saw a quote that slow is fast with sex education. When I found the Erotic Blueprints,™ I dove in deep. Here I was finding answers that were empowering my life and helping me feel safe in my body. Knowing that I am Energetic/Sensual started a cascade of realizations.
I love how the Blueprints™ provided me with the opportunity to choose my own adventure! Knowing my State or Stage (resting, healing, transformational, adventurous or curious) and the Blueprint Type™ I wanted to heal and expand, I created my journey.    
This is a broad outline of my journey:
My first adventure was resting/healing and owning my Energetic Blueprint™.
My second adventure was a deep transformation of almost 2 years focused on expanding my Sensual Blueprint™. During this time, I embarked on a 100-day self-pleasure challenge. I made the choice of Sensual expansion because there was more resource to draw upon than in my Energetic.
My third deep dive was focused on healing and transforming my Energetic Blueprint™. This was another eighteen months of, at times intense, expansion. This expansion resulted in me manifesting my blueprintified dream home and lifestyle
My fourth adventure is currently in the design phase – playing with the Sexual Blueprint™ sprinkled with Energetic.
Slow is fast is my new mantra for my healing journey. There are many layers to being EDUCATED. The more I learn the more I realize there is to know in this journey. I feel very blessed to have found the Erotic Blueprint Breaktrough Course™ which provided the ongoing roadmap for my Erotic education and a richly empowered life.
Helen RowlandsHelen Rowlands is a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™. She is married to Philip. They have three adult children and reside in the Gold Coast, Australia.
Helen’s coaching is informed by a holistic lifestyle and long-term conscious partnership. Her mission is to spread Pleasure Waves around the globe!
To find out more about Helen Rowlands and her work as a Coach visit her at: www.pleasurewaves.com.au

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