Music of the Night: How music can help you be erotically free

by Pleasure Team

Music is a pleasure-making element that you can add to any of your sexcapades and the type of music can heighten the pleasure of whatever activity you’re engaging in… even when making love to yourself! However, music isn’t just for lovemaking; it’s an amazing tool for emotionality as well. Our bodies store unexpressed emotions in it. Music can be a fun way of releasing those emotions and the weight that goes along with holding those emotions in.

When it comes to the Erotic Blueprints™, the most important aspect of this is that moving your body to the music you choose can help you celebrate and be in your fullest expression as an erotic being. Certain types of music can even help you embody your Blueprint even more fully.

Here are some things to consider when putting together a playlist your body absolutely adores:

Energetic Blueprint™: Energetics adore spaciousness. When compiling music for this Blueprint, think about incorporating meditation music and longer songs that allow for a slow opening of your entire body.

Songs for your Energetic playlist:
Motion by Eskimotion
Sit Around the Fire by Jon Hopkins, Ram Dass and East Forest
You and I Are Falling, You and I Are Free by Rising Appalachia

Sensual Blueprint™: Since Sensuals love igniting all of their senses and slow speeds that help them relax, consider including songs that are slower in tempo, that delight your eardrums and that perhaps conjure up pleasurable images, scents and tastes.

Songs for your Sensual playlist:
Woman by Emmit Fenn
Sailing the Solar Flares by Dirtwire
Waiting Around – Acoustic by Aisha Badru

Sexual Blueprint™: This Blueprint is all about getting to the deed. When compiling a playlist for this Blueprint, you might choose songs with explicit lyrics, possibly with a heavy bassline and/or music that has a “grindy” feel to the beat. Whatever you decide makes you feel most ready to get it on, that’s what you add!

Songs for your Sexual playlist:
WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) by Cardi B.
You Shook Me – 1993 Remaster by Led Zepplin
Get Down, Make Love by Queen

Kinky Blueprint™: What music makes you feel naughty? What makes your primal energy, whether predator or prey, come out ready to play? That’s the music to include for all of your Kinky playlists!

Songs for your Kinky playlist:
Wolf in Your Darkest Room by Matthew Mayfield
Closer by Nine Inch Nails
Devils Game by Truth

Shapeshifter Blueprint™: Songs that vary in tempo, mood and/or instrumentation would likely feel very good in your body. If you or someone you love is a Shapeshifter, just make sure whatever playlist you assemble goes for hours so that no Shapeshifter goes unsatisfied!

You could place all of the songs listed above in a well-thought out order of your choosing or you could play with songs that go through all of the Blueprint Types in a single sitting.

Songs for your Shapeshifter playlist:
You Are We Am I (Blue Mix) by Axis of Ignorance
If I Told by Courtney Marie Andrews
Wandering Sadhu by Desert Dwellers

When it comes to choosing your music, it’s less about what the words say and how the overall song makes you feel. However you decide to play – choosing your own songs, listening to playlists you’ve already created or letting your favorite music app choose similar music for you – pay attention to what arises for you as you allow music to help you expand your erotic expression. You may just find yourself playing in Blueprints you didn’t even know you wanted to play in!

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Embrace what has been buried and shamed in your body for thousands of years.

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