Want Hot Lasting Passion? Here’s step number one…

by Jaiya

“We just don’t have the time to connect. The kids are out of school, he’s got mountains of work, and I don’t get enough “me” time as it is.” Marley tells me, the frustration clear in her voice.

Her husband nods quietly in agreement.

“I know the two of you want more passion and connection,” I respond. “But it doesn’t seem to me that you’re committed to it. These are excuses.”

“What’s really going on? Why are you so resistant to making your relationship a priority in your lives?”

They both look at me wide-eyed.

I’m not buying their story about time when I know that the average person has 52 hours a week of underutilized or wasted time.

You see, I went from working 80-hour weeks, hating life, wondering who this man was in my bed, to recreating a hot passionate relationship. I thank God every day for realizing the power was in me to choose to prioritize.

Most people buy into their excuses instead of facing the truth of their resistances.

Do you do this?

If you fall into this trap, maybe you’re afraid that if you devote yourself to your relationship you’ll get hurt or disappointed; or maybe you fear failing and not being able to make your lover happy; or you don’t want to admit that they or you’ve lost attraction.

Whatever the case, there is always something deeper than the surface excuse of time.

There’s a reason why you spend more time on Facebook, watching TV or working late instead of passionately connecting with your partner.

Set the reasons aside!

What if you just did it? What if you just made your relationship and love life a priority?

This isn’t just about time spent. It’s a reflection of your values. What do you value most in life?

I highly doubt watching TV, getting distracted by Facebook, or being stressed out due to all work and no play are high on your value list.

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Prioritization is a powerful aphrodisiac! Learn to prioritize your sex life!

Prioritizing my relationship was the #1 thing that made it hotter, juicier and turned it around when things got tough. Here are a few things we did to start prioritizing us:

We both cut our hours down, realizing that more hours didn’t mean more income.

  • We scheduled a date every week.
  • We took a 4 day unplug away together.
  • We created regular sex life challenges (hot practices to engage with each other sexually) and practiced sexual exploration together.
  • We did everything we could to be self-responsible, to apologize quickly and to laugh and play together.

But “time!” you say?

Another needle mover for us and way for us to prioritize each other without using “time” as the way to do it was for us to continually feed each other’s Erotic Blueprints™.

If you already know the Blueprints and a few of the styles of turn-on that work for each Erotic Type, then begin weaving these practices, skills, and seductions into your everyday interactions.

There are 5 different Erotic Blueprint™ Types and, if you don’t know yours or your partner’s, then you most likely do not know how to prioritize their pleasure (or your own).

Are you ready to turn up the turn on in your love life?

I recommend that you and your partner take the quiz to discover your Erotic Blueprint™ types at www.EroticBreakthrough.com.

Then learn how to speak, feed, heal and expand into each of the Blueprint Types.

Speaking your lover’s erotic language of arousal is the ultimate way to show someone you love them, to build passion and to show them how much of a priority your relationship and their pleasure is to you.

Isn’t that the type of passionate love life you’re committed to creating?

Take the Blueprint quiz and start learning today.

It’s a needle mover that will change the way you relate when you start honoring each other’s sexual needs and prioritizing your relationship at a whole other level.

What can you do today to prioritize your love life?

I look forward to seeing you on the path.

Fill your life with pleasure,



“Our compatibility has gone through the roof…how to be pleased. How to ask to be sexually pleased. How to please you (your partner) sexually. How to experience not only the orgasms we were already having and the ecstatic pleasure that we were already living, but now to have it magnify and multiply and go to whole new levels. It feels like we’re starting our relationship again!“

Satyen and Suzanne Raja

Embrace what has been buried and shamed in your body for thousands of years.

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