It Takes a Village: the power of community in personal growth

by Ian Ferguson

Never underestimate the power of community support in your personal growth. It’s a common occurrence that when we make the decision to create change in our lives that the people closest to us can have difficulty adjusting. This can be attributed to the fact that as we change, our closest connections can view this as the death of the person they once knew and loved. Some will adjust to and embrace the changes; others won’t. (It’s not always this simple; relationships sometimes go through a rough time before emerging on the other side better than ever!)

However, a community of humans who have been where you are, supporting you in your challenges and celebrating your wins can be so powerful as you navigate the new you. The Erotic Blueprints™ are more than a framework for knowledge and understanding; they’re a way of being. As such, a huge community has formed of individuals who have the common bonds of the Blueprint language and the living of the Blueprints in all aspects of life.

What’s so unique about this particular group of humans? We sat down with Erotic Blueprint coaches Tyler Rohm and Jessica Thoroughly to talk about their experience being a part of the Erotic Blueprint community.

“What embracing the Blueprints [and the community that goes along with it] is that it allows you, your partner and the people around you a language into how you operate,” Rohm says. “The Blueprint system is something that gives you a guide in language and communication and on how your body gets comfortable in a space.”

In other words, the Blueprints aren’t just about the bedroom; they give you information about how to create safety within yourself and move into feeling pleasure in social situations. An Energetic, for example, may find that they need more space. A crowded social situation might sound awful for them! However, an understanding of this need for space might just be the information they need to put systems in place to help them feel safe in group scenarios.

“At Blueprint events, a lot of people truly experience safety for the first time in their bodies at their events,” they continue. “A lot of time [at in-person events] people are a large space of people, but they feel really safe and grounded in their body because we allow them the space to just be and have a really tight container around what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.”

For Thoroughly, community has been her source of inspiration.

“You get to hear others’ stories, others’ experiences,” she says. “Often they’re experiences I haven’t had. As I’m hearing about them… I just get inspired by the stories of others and add things to my wish list of ways I want to play.”

These connections need not be confined to the online space. In-person events such as our recent experience at Electric Forest this past June offers the opportunity for real-life interaction.

“In person Blueprint events provide you with the opportunity to really feel how the Blueprints can guide you in your body,” Rohm says. “There’s a collective feeling among the group in the room of learning, of excitement… by doing it in person you get to experience others’ excitement and joy right alongside you. This helps drop you into your body and really integrate what the Blueprints can do.”

Community is powerful, no matter if you choose to connect online or in person. When you foster deep connection with who you truly are, possibly even using the Blueprints to guide you in that discovery, you have a greater chance of having deep connections with the humans around you.

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Satyen and Suzanne Raja

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