How Gratitude can be a Pleasure Enhancement Tool…

You have such powerful tools available to you to create and experience a fulfilling life.
The tools we’re talking about cost you nothing.
You won’t find them in a store window, or during a Black Friday sale or on the pages of Amazon during Cyber Monday.
You’re sitting inside of a pleasure suit right now.
Every cell of your body is wired for pleasure.
All you need to do in order to live an org@smically fulfilling life, is learn how your pleasure suit is turned on.
We obviously have in depth trainings that give you the skills and pleasure practices to increase your erotic intelligence, explore and expand into sexual satisfaction and raise the roof of your pleasure ceiling.
But today, we’d love to share a little twist on a common practice that enhances your daily pleasure.
We invite you to shine the power of gratitude on your juicy bits.
Maybe you already have a gratitude practice.  You meditate on or write down a few things you’re grateful for each day.
This is a simple and powerful practice, scientifically proven to have many benefits!
If you’ve got a gratitude practice, you’re already doing work that helps:
  • Improve your sleep
  • Improve your immune system health and protect you from getting sick
  • Motivate you to do more self care
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost your happiness and overall life fulfillment
This sounds like something worth doing, yes?
Perhaps you even pause throughout the day and remind yourself to be grateful for the people, events or things in your life.
That’s great!
Either way, if you’re already familiar with a gratitude practice, we’re going to get a little geeky and go one sexy step further!
In scientific studies, participants’ brains showed activity in a set of regions located in the medial prefrontal cortex when they were in the midst of feeling gratitude.
This area, located in the frontal lobes of the brain, is where the two hemispheres meet and they are the area of the brain that is associated with sympathy, empathy, feelings of relief, regulation of our emotion and supporting stress relief.
In other words, it gets amazing inside your brain when you are in the middle of experiencing the sensations of gratitude!
Now Let’s Make Gratitude Sexy
Take your gratitude practice and intertwine it with your pleasure practice to help you enhance and expand pleasure in your daily life.
(If you don’t have a Pleasure Practice, we highly advise taking on one of our Core Brand Values called “Pleasure First”, where you take a moment before any activity you’re about to do and you drop into pleasure.  Ask “How can I make this more pleasurable?”  You’ll be surprised by the power of this easy little habit.)
Now turn up the volume on your pleasure by adding in…
Sexy Gratitude
This game is made for couples or for hot solo play, so if your partner doesn’t want to participate, don’t let that stop you!
Note: If you don’t already have a pleasure practice, this is a great time to start one! You can see the details of how to create one here.
For this sexy gratitude practice, you’ll send gratitude to the different parts of your erotic body.  
(Side note: EVERY part of your body can be erotic)
Close your eyes.
Take a slow inhale and exhale.
Feel for a place in your body where you feel pleasure.
Say thank you for the pleasure that arises in your body, thank you for letting the blood flow freely, for sending the signals to our brains that we are, in fact, receiving pleasure.
Then, actively feel that gratitude.
Do more than say the words. Feel gratitude.
Where do you feel gratitude in your body?
What does gratitude feel like?  What sensations arise in your body when you feel gratitude deeply.
With each breath, expand the feelings throughout your body and beyond.
If you have a little time to indulge, scan your body and give gratitude to every part of your body.
Make it hotter by bringing in touch and feeling how each part of your body receives gratitude through touch.
If you are playing with a partner, honor and give gratitude to your partner’s body parts; gratitude for how each body part can provide each of you pleasure.
Thank their fingertips.
Their lips.
Their hips.
Their skin.
Thank their tongue.
Thank their genitals.
Share gratitude for arousal, turn on, orgasms and transcendent connection.
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You can do this with thoughts and words, enhancing the experience with eye gazing and touch.  If you’re solo, use a mirror and see yourself as your own ultimate lover – because that is what you are.
What’s most important is that you FEEL gratitude deeply, whether you’re taking 10 seconds or 2 hours for this practice.
It won’t take long before that sexy gratitude will melt away the world and any of your stresses.
Set yourself up for success and make this practice as easy as possible for you to do.
If you don’t already have a gratitude or self pleasure practice, don’t make a commitment to all of the sudden do 2 hours of gratitude practice every day.  Don’t make a commitment to stop for gratitude 20 times a day.
Create easy wins, so you succeed right out of the gate.
Promise to take 60 seconds when you wake up each morning to start the day with this practice.
Build the muscle of “pleasure first” and “gratitude”.
As you feel the value of it, you will desire more of it and you can slowly add in more of this practice over time.
Eventually we hope that you are living in pleasure throughout every day.
Here’s to your pleasure,
Ian, Jaiya and The Pleasure Crew
p.s. ‘Tis the season for pleasure!
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