5 Steps to Igniting Your Pleasure!

by Jaiya

 Do you want to feel WILDLY ALIVE??

We’ve got a secret for you…

Get turned on!

Seriously, it can be that simple.

Uncover what REALLY turns you on, and you’ve got one of the most empowering tools right at your fingertips.

You are your own pleasure toy and you don’t need a fancy car, the perfect body, or more money in your bank account to feel connection, bliss, and transcendence RIGHT NOW!

Now… whether or not it’s easy is another story.

The First Step? Be willing.

When you know what turns you on…
And you’re willing to ask for it and receive it…
You are not just saying yes to insanely gratifying sex…
But you are also nurturing a core human need.

As long as you are willing to do the work to get there, life will begin to respond to you “as if” you deserve pleasure – because you DO.

What happens when you know what really turns you on and are able and willing to ask for it?

  • You live an empowered life
  • Your sovereignty as a sexual being is assured
  • You’re no longer a prisoner of the conditioning and beliefs that have kept you from experiencing your authentic and fulfilling eroticism
  • Your sexuality unleashed lets loose a cascade of life giving hormones in your body which leads to longevity, better immune function and lower cortisol levels which improve

Your health and vitality (scientific studies prove that pleasure is great for you on all levels)

Every cell in your body is wired for pleasure. Literally!

During pleasure, you are soaking your body in feel good hormones and rewiring your nervous system to gravitate towards relaxation and pleasure instead of tension, anxiety, and stress.

If you’ve never dedicated time to exploring your pleasure, you don’t know what’s erotically possible.

In short, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Are you ready to claim your pleasure? Play this game!

NOTE: You do not need a partner to have a deeply fulfilling sex life.
You are an erotic being whether you are single or partnered.

Play our Sex Life Challenge

1. Set yourself as priority
Set aside time for pleasure discovery. Dedicate time just for you.

Shut off distractions. No notifications. Thank the pangs of guilt that you “should be doing something for someone else” and let them know you’ll get to everyone else after you nurture yourself.

This time is about you. It’s critical that you lend all of your energy to this time, so that you can finally find out what makes you and your body tick.

Make a plan, schedule it in your calendar, set aside 30 minutes for self pleasure, and plan to do this practice at least 5 to 10 days out of the next 30.

2. Be willing to get playful
Whether you are doing this practice alone or with a partner, allow yourself the freedom to play.

This is not a judgemental space. Discernment is welcome, but let go of judging right and wrong, good or bad, well done or poorly done.

This time is set aside for discovery and experimentation. The “mistakes” are as important as the “successes.”

Play with all the ways you can ignite the senses: Play with touch. Play with smell. Play with energy. Play with sight.

You may feel uncomfortable, silly, awkward focusing on your own pleasure. Let that feeling be there while you continue to play.

Thanking these internal voices, recognizing, that they have some purpose (perhaps to protect you), and letting them know that you will get to them later, can help them quiet down. Pushing these voices away will likely make them stronger and create deeper resistance in you to play.

Bring compassion to the voices that keep you from living your fullest life.

These voices usually want what’s best for you, but are misguided in their tactics. They may be an old voice using a tactic that you developed when you were young but as an adult, they no longer serve you.

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Some rules that will help you open to the joy of play:

  • Pay attention to what feels good and what does not. Do more of the feel good stuff and don’t do the stuff that feels icky in your body
  • Play with boundaries and consent. If you have edges you do not wish to explore right now, claim them and hold to them. If you keep overriding your “Hell No”, your body will not trust and will not feel the safety required for true surrender
  • There are no rights and no wrongs. There is just information and learning. Think of this as a fun science sexperiment!
  • Note your responses: Speaking of sexperiments, you need data. So take notes.


    We’re suggesting you actually take physical notes. Write things down in a journal.

    After your play session, spend time writing what worked, what you want more of and get as specific as possible with the details.

    Write down what didn’t feel good and why you think it didn’t feel good.

    Try this experimentation 5, 10, 15, 100 times and by keeping notes you will begin to notice patterns and possibilities.

    4. Use your voice

    Your voice is a sexy empowerment tool.

    Whether you are letting it express what’s happening in your body with, “Mmmms” and “Ahhhhhs” or you’re declaring a boundary or screaming out for “MORE!”, using your voice allows you to trust your experience more deeply and allows a partner to trust that you will let them know what’s working and what is not.

    Your authentically expressed voice lets your lover know what works. No more guessing games. This makes your intimate partner a more successful lover.
    When you can voice that “NO” or that “YES”, without fear of repercussions because you know your truth and are able to stand in it, you are accessing your erotic power.

    You start to have sex worth having. Wouldn’t that be great!!??

    5. Be mindful

    Stay present in your play.

    Stay focused on what you’re doing, what you’re feeling, what you’re craving more of, and what you never want to experience again.

    As you explore, you may find your mind wandering or dissociating.

    “Why am I here doing this? I need to be answering emails for work.” Or “I need to hurry up, I’ve been playing at this too long.”

    You may notice that you disappear, both in great and not so great ways, when allowing yourself time to indulge in pleasure.

    Bringing yourself back to present time awareness can train your body that it’s okay to feel pleasure, to feel numb, to feel scared or feel powerful.

    Your mind is trained to keep you where you are, by gravitating to what is familiar because familiar is safe.

    Again, honor these voices by acknowledging that they are arising, but stick to your plan. Your body… all of it… will thank you.

    Uncovering what turns you on will make intimacy much more rewarding.

  • It opens up your radiance
  • It ignites your vitality
  • It nurtures and replenishes you

It demonstrates to you that you are worth it!

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