Orgasms for All Could Create Peace On Earth!

by Ian Ferguson
Erotic Freedom

Peace on earth. Good will toward… humankind.

That’s what the world is crying out for right now.

The season has come for healing.

A time for Yin energy.

Loving and creative.

Our latent, collective genius needs to be awakened so we can solve the monumental challenges facing our generation.

We can solve these challenges in harmony with each other.

In fact, that’s the only way we’re going to truly solve them.

Celebrating Global Orgasm Day is a powerful and fun way to amplify our connection to each other through pleasure, love and connection.

Love of self.

Love of natural pleasure.

Celebrating the fact that all we need is the body we’ve been given to feel relaxation, belonging and fulfillment.

We each have a body. There’s no lack of resources there.

My body having an orgams doesn’t take away from your body’s ability to have an orgasm.

Orgasms are a renewable resource.

If the world was having more consensual and pleasure filled orgasms, we believe people would behave in more nurturing and loving ways towards each other.

We believe people would feel less stress, less need to fill their lives with the pursuit of significance, power and stuff.

When we’re filled with unconditional love for ourselves, we can easily give it to others.

A sense of contentment usually comes along with orgams.

What if indulging in your pleasure was a vital ingredient for creating world peace?

Here’s the invitation…

Global O Day falls on December 21, Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere.

Try celebrating the day with a soul-filling, peace-inducing orgasm.

Participate in a pleasure prayer that lets us remember that we are one with each other. That we are one with all creation.

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How Orgasmic Pleasure Helps Create Peace

There’s science behind orgasms and how they can support peace among us as humans and why we would benefit if we all share a sacred, collective Orgasm on the 21st.

In our brains, the same network that is activated when we eat a delicious meal or listen to our favorite music is activated when we enjoy sex.

During the rise towards orgasm, we generate and release tons of oxytocin.

And oxytocin, which is also released during breastfeeding, is known as the bonding hormone.

Add to this that our energetic fields extend way beyond our bodies, so…

When we create collective experiences of pleasure, we share our energetic field with others who are affected by it.

If we are all experiencing orgasms throughout the day on the 21st, the collective field, the field of energy we all share, is infused with pleasure and connection.

It doesn’t take everyone to play this game for this energy to affect others.

However, the more people that play along, the more the pleasure field strengthens.

How About Orgasmic Peace?

As you build your pleasure and at the moment of orgasm, instead of focusing on ourselves, if we’re riding solo, or focusing on the partners we’re with, imagine sending that ecstatic energy of your orgasm out and around the world.

Showering the world in pleasure.

That’s it. That’s how you can join in the celebration on Global Orgasm Day.

Amplify your orgasmc energy and feel that sense of euphoric oneness.

That is the energy of peace.

The more we live from this space, the more we are at peace.

We’re not seeking to create peace, or manifest peace sometime in the future.

We literally are being peace.

Peace is happening now.

No place to go, nothing to do…

Just… Be… Peace!

What If You Don’t Experience Orgasms or They Are Elusive?

You’re Not Left Out.

Enjoy your body without the pressure of achieving an orgasm.

The more pleasure you generate, the more oxytocin and dopamine you generate.

Your energy body can fill with pleasure and radiate this energy of pleasure to others.

By letting go of the pursuit of an orgasm, by fully opening to whatever is pleasurable for you, you could be surprised by experiencing orgasmic energy or a climax of some kind.

Why not give it a try?

Our human race is in need of connection, healing and peace.

You can feel it, yes?

Instead of chasing peace… Be peace.

Pleasure is your birthright.

Enjoy it!

And celebrate with the world and orgasm for peace on December 21st.

Until next time…

Fill your heart with love and your life with pleasure,


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