Keep Going: The role of celebration in consistency

by Pleasure Team

Doing the work on sexuality isn’t easy; for many of us, sex and sexuality are the last places we want to look since society doesn’t really give us a sex-positive blueprint to go by when navigating our own sexual expansion and the challenges that arise as a result of doing this work.

If you’re reading this blog, know that we are celebrating you being here because we know that this work can be so challenging sometimes. In honor of Never Give Up Day, we wanted to provide you with simple ways to help you stay in the state of celebration even when it doesn’t feel like you are making progress.

Here are three easy shifts you can make right now to make celebration your new baseline:

1. Make your goals an easy win. There’s a reason many of us don’t achieve our New Year’s Resolutions; it’s because we make these lofty goals at the beginning of the year and try to implement too much change too quickly only to find ourselves back where we started just a few months later. Our nervous systems need time to adjust to the changes we make, building up our habits so that we’re ready to take the next step. If your desire is to have six partners who know exactly how to please you, how about making that first step about learning how to please yourself? To give you a starting point on how to do this for yourself, take the Erotic Blueprint Quiz to determine your Blueprint Type™ and embark on your path to pleasure! Hint- you could make that your goal for the day! Be sure to celebrate that step by doing a happy dance, treating yourself to something you desire or however else you choose to celebrate!

2. Focus on- and celebrate- consistency. Too often we search for the one thing that’s supposed to propel us in the direction we desire to go. The one thing that we often miss on our journeys is the role consistency plays. If the idea of taking an hour or two out of your day to engage in your pleasure practice seems daunting, can you give yourself ten minutes? One small step followed by another and another gets us further along on the path than taking a giant leap and staying there to recuperate before being ready to take the next. You may find that you get so lost in pleasure within those ten minutes that a beautiful hour passes without you even realizing it!

3. Celebrate the small things. A good rule of thumb when it comes to expansion in any area of your life is to celebrate the wins, no matter how small. It’s a little bit of a mindset trick. It essentially trains your brain to see the improvements everywhere; by extension, celebrating your small wins trains you to be able to receive more. While you may not be consistently multi-orgasmic in every pleasure session or encounter with your partner(s) yet, have you gotten close to having one? It can be so easy to fixate on the part where we haven’t begun to have the experience we desire or achieved the goals we have. However, if you’ve been working on a specific area in your sexuality, the chances that you haven’t made any improvement is slim to none. Instead, make a conscious choice to ask yourself: what has improved? Then celebrate that!

In short, the simplest way for you to keep going even when the going gets tough is to make celebration your baseline. The tips above will help you get there and can even support you when you realize that you’re down and need to pull yourself out of the dumps. No celebration is too big or too small, especially when it boosts your energy to keep going no matter what!

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