Explosive Touch: An exploration of nonsexual touch by the Blueprints

by Pleasure Team

The Erotic Blueprints™ aren’t just about sex… and there’s nothing “just” about sex! In fact, there are many ways you can play with touch in accordance with your Blueprint in a nonsexual context so that you don’t have to wait until you’re in the bedroom to experience pleasure. Your whole life gets to be pleasure-filled!

Touch is key to creating intimacy. We often think that we require another person to create this intimacy; the truth is that we get to create this intimacy with ourselves and for ourselves. When we’re willing to play with touch and find what brings us pleasure, we not only can ask another for what we want but we can provide it for ourselves whenever we desire it.

Read on for some ways you can play!

Energetic Blueprint™: The turn-ons for the Energetic Blueprint are spaciousness, tease and anticipation. Nonsexual touch for this Blueprint can look like light tickly touch by either your or your partner’s hands; it can even look like no touch at all.

If you desire to play more with Energetic touch, you might consider trying the following:

  • Wear flowy clothing that provides you with built-in light, tickly touch
  • If you’re someone who can feel the energy of crystals, consider bringing some crystals into your space and allow their energy to touch you
  • Connect with nature – the energy of the trees, the squirrels and birds in the trees and maybe even the little ants crawling on the ground – since you’re out, enjoy the spaciousness of the outdoors, the tickle of the wind on your skin and the brush of grass against your feet

Sensual Blueprint™: Sensuals are turned on by all of the senses. When it comes to the sense of touch, the preference for Sensuals is a more massaging type of touch.

Here are a few ways you can get your need for Sensual touch met:

  • Book a massage… or ask your partner to give you a full body massage
  • Let your body choose your clothing in the mornings; what fabrics would feel delicious touching your skin today?
  • See if there’s a venue that offers Contact Dance in your area

Sexual Blueprint™: Since the Sexual Blueprint is all about the genitals, orgasms and nudity, how do you explore this Blueprint in a nonsexual way?

Here are some suggestions to try:

  • Go exploring; where on your body that’s not the genitals are orgasmic for you? Crook of the elbow? Backs of the knees? Behind the ears? There are plenty of nooks and crannies to play in!
  • Try some off-the-body Energetic touch centered on your genitals; what do they have to say to you today?

Kinky Blueprint™: The Kinky Blueprint is turned on by the taboo. No, this doesn’t mean that all touch has to be of the BDSM variety nor does anything have to occur at a specific intensity level for it to “count” as Kinky. Taps, slaps, constriction and scratches are all types of Kinky touch.

If you’d like to experiment with Kinky touch, consider playing with the following:

  • Play with constriction in your clothing. You might accessorize with a bracelet or cuffs, a belt or choker. You may choose to wear clothing that has a drawstring that you can adjust to a level that feels yummy for you.
  • Taps and slaps are a great way of bringing energy back into the body especially if you’re stuck at a desk all day. Play your favorite drum solo on your thighs. Drum your fingers up and down your arms… or if you’re feeling super adventurous, give yourself a nice loud smack somewhere on your bare skin!
  • Explore where scratches feel good on your body. Scalp? Arms? Legs? Belly? The bottoms of your feet? How deep or light do you like them? How fun it gets to be to delve into your pleasure in this way!

Shapeshifter Blueprint™: The Shapeshifter has a huge capacity for pleasure; this makes it especially important for this Blueprint to feed themselves. Shapeshifters can endlessly receive pleasure and that’s just not everyone’s capacity.

You can play with touch in the following ways:

  • Go deep in all of the Blueprints touch and then begin playing with combinations
  • Develop the coordination to be able to provide yourself with scratches and light tickly touch at the same time… or perhaps pair massaging touch with taps and slaps

There are so many ways to play with touch in the Blueprints without it necessarily being about sex. Consider this your permission to play and bring pleasure to all aspects of your life.

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