Lubricant is a topic not without stigma, as there’s a belief that the body “should” produce enough natural lubricant for penetrative activity. The truth is that the presence, or lack thereof, of lubrication in the genitals is not an indicator of arousal or a readiness for penetration. (This is what Emily Nagoski calls “arousal nonconcordance” in her book, Come As You Are.) A good rule of thumb here is: when in doubt, consider using lubricant to bring more pleasure into the experience. Luckily, nowadays there are a number of different types of lubricants on the market to take the friction and irritation out of your experience- literally!

The following isn’t meant to put you in a box; rather, it’s meant to provide you with a number of different ways to play and give you a basic overview of the types of lubricants that exist so that you can make your own decisions about what you’d like to explore.

Without further ado, here are some fun ways you can play with lubricants by Blueprint Type™:

Energetic Blueprint™: Essential oils, with all of their energetic healing properties, can be an added element to any lubricant. As with any oil-based lubricant, oils break down latex and don’t mix well with silicone. This means they are not for use with condoms and with most sex toys; the exception to the sex toy rule would be any toys made of metal or glass.

Please do your research before playing with essential oils! Some oils are not meant for direct contact with the skin. Keep in mind that the skin on genitals is very sensitive so you only want to use pure, high quality oils. Another pro tip is that adding water to oils enhances whatever sensation you’re experiencing. If you’re experiencing a sensation you don’t like, dilute with coconut oil instead.

For additional information on how you can use essential oils during sexy time, check out the Empower Your Oils Podcast with GIna Garris, episodes 114 – 117. Gina is a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach and their podcast is available on SoundCloud.

Sensual Blueprint™: For this Blueprint Type, engage your sense of taste with a flavored lubricant strategically placed on any body part you’d like to put your mouth on! Flavors range from cherry, watermelon, strawberry, apple and peach to desserts like cake, cotton candy and chocolate. Mint and cinnamon flavors also exist; just be prepared that those flavors may have specific sensations and temperatures associated with them!

Sexual Blueprint™: Consider a water-based lubricant. These types of lubricants pair well with condoms and toys. They’ve been specifically designed to aid with ease of penetration. There are even water-based lubes that are made specifically for clitoral pleasure. These lubricants also are gentle on the skin and are easy to clean. Talk about maximum efficiency!

Kinky – Have you ever considered playing with artificial semen? There’s a lube for that! This can be used with toys that have pumps that dispense product on you as a partner or two or several might; the sky’s the limit here. (As a bonus, there is a brand of this type of lubricant that has been reported to moisturize and soften skin; talk about a win-win situation!)

Shapeshifter – In addition to playing with all of the different types of lubricants listed above, consider playing with cooling and/or heating lubricants… perhaps even alternating in order to provide yourself with a highly varied Shapeshifter experience. Temperature play can not only provide the variety a Shapeshifter desires to experience but can increase sensation and lead to ultimate satisfaction (if such a thing is even possible with a Shapeshifter’s huge capacity for pleasure!)

Lubricants come in various forms and can be used for various purposes, as you can see… and as with all aspects of pleasure, it’s not one-size-fits-all. You get to play and explore in all of the ways that feel good to you, so go have fun!

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