Secrets to life-long passion revealed

by Ian Ferguson

Life-long passion doesn’t happen by accident.

The partnership that thrives and is full of turn-on and attraction and that lasts decades without work and cultivation is a myth.

Are you living your sex life by default or by design?

In this interview with Alexa Martinez of “That S..x Chick”, I reveal essential practices Jaiya and I have used to cultivate life-long passion and design a life of fulfilling intimacy.

It’s time to claim the pleasure that you deserve,

Ian Ferguson
Co-Creator of The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™

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“Our compatibility has gone through the roof…how to be pleased. How to ask to be sexually pleased. How to please you (your partner) sexually. How to experience not only the orgasms we were already having and the ecstatic pleasure that we were already living, but now to have it magnify and multiply and go to whole new levels. It feels like we’re starting our relationship again!“

Satyen and Suzanne Raja

Embrace what has been buried and shamed in your body for thousands of years.

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