How I healed by creating amazing sex!

by Jaiya

Through the cultivation of my sexuality, my body is no longer my enemy! It is the richest source of pleasure!

Recently I realized that I am way more holistic than most of my friends! In my early 60’s, I am younger and more resilient in outlook – able to go with the flow and adapt with ease.

I live in my zone of “turn on”.

I have expanded in my Sensual/Energetic Blueprint™, and I am moving forward in my health.

As a Sensual Type I relate to the world through sight, touch, smell and taste, I wear colorful clothes and textures, and love contouring massages!

As an Energetic, I am aware of the energy around me, I am highly sensitive, and I can orgasm without touch. So, I no longer believe the myth that we deteriorate as we grow older. Instead, I make choices every day that create resilience.

I manifested chronic health struggles in my 40’s. My health challenges centered mainly in my sexual body. Among these health issues were significant weight gain, digestive issues, fatigue and heavy bleeding – leaving me depleted.

By the time I was in my 50’s, this morphed into extreme estrogen dominance, uterine fibroids, breast cancer, and endometrial cancer.

In order to create healing, I became educated and adopted holistic approaches. This helped me gain a rounded picture and connect the dots. I sought help in physical, emotional, mental, soul and spirit energies.

Through my holistic approach, I developed strategies for each of these energies so I can integrate them in my life including Vipassana meditation, Network Care Chiropractic, Somatic Experiencing, nutrition, fasting, exercise programs, scar tissue remediation, and self-pleasure.

Developing the discipline needed to have a high quality of life was the key to creating success. I achieved this mainly through the practice of meditation learned at Vipassana retreats. My energetic constitution is that I have easy access to soul and spirit energies and was able to apply this to integrate my healing. As a person who is a Sensual/Energetic Blueprint this makes total sense, the sensual experiences feeding my soul and my Energetic is connected to universal energy.

It has been a long road to recovery.

One thing for sure is that healing is never a straight line. Jaiya’s invaluable coaching tool the Sexual Health Challenge sheet, which is a holistic detective self-examination, enabled me to form a matrix of strategies that addressed my health from a physical, chemical, emotional and energetic lens.

My motivation to survive created an enormous commitment to become disciplined, to ask the hard questions and seek deep solutions.

The definition of insanity comes to mind here – to keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results. I knew deep inside me that to heal required a gutsy effort and multifaceted strategies.

Most problems, I believe, can be reversed through holistic approaches, knowledge and commitment. The holistic approach for me includes eating clean food, being responsible about adequate rest, minimizing toxicity exposure (including chemical, electromagnetic fields and relationships), personal development and having a regular meditation practice.

I learned that fat produces estrogen.

I was technically obese as I had accumulated a large amount of fat around my midline. My hormone imbalance was largely corrected through a concerted effort to lose fat and gain muscle mass. As I became slim, many people would make remarks like “you don’t need to lose weight!” But the truth is I had “skinny-fat” syndrome. I had excess fat to lose despite my slim appearance.

I achieved my weight loss by eliminating foods that cause inflammation for me, eating a high protein, fat and vegetable diet with regular detoxing and fasting.

I continue to monitor my fat and muscle mass regularly with a nutritionist with a reliable measuring instrument. I gain muscle through consistent exercise, however finding the right fit of the exercise was key. A program that feeds me includes Qi Gong and Pilates, weights work, walking and hydrotherapy.

I take a Shapeshifter’s approach to exercise as for me variety is essential! I habituate easily and lose interest if my program is too routine, so my program has lots of choices! Variety is necessary for a Shapeshifter Type like myself.

By taking a deep dive into the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course and the Blueprint Coaching Program, I have created sustained and exciting change in my sexual beingness!

I have been exploring the resting/healing stage (these are stages that are part of the Erotic Blueprint System) primarily through this process.

Scar tissue from my cancer surgeries was having an enormous impact on my life. I was oblivious to the extent of this until I learned about scar tissue remediation from Jaiya’s experience in her Ignite Your Passion Course.

Finding the right people and asking the right questions is vital.

As I have always struggled for life force, also referred to as Qi or Chi, I once asked someone conversant in energy “How do I gain life force?” Building muscle was the answer! This has proven to be such a helpful piece in the puzzle.

More recently I have built a life force through sexual cultivation practices.

I have developed enormous self-responsibility and accountability.

I maintain a list of sexual health practices that I have committed to and frequently monitor such as breast massage and Fasciablasting™. Fasciablasting is maintaining the health of my fascia or connective tissue through daily massage with a claw-like implement. Fasciablasting reduces my muscular pain, keeps my skin taught and improves my circulation.

I include my exercise as part of my sexual cultivation – as perceiving exercise as part of my sexual vitality creates motivation. Would this motivate you to work out?

Another key practice is my self-pleasure.

This has opened me to a wide range of orgasmic delights! Knowing how to play my own instrument and being literate in body awareness has been deeply healing. I developed this practice based on Jaiya’s 101 days of self-pleasure.

Sex toys have become important healing tools to create healthy tissue.

Two examples are yoni eggs and butt plugs. It is such fun combining pleasure practices and healing!

Expanding my orgasmic capacity has greatly enhanced my nervous system regulation. I am more aware of my sympathetic and parasympathetic functioning, with the beautiful serendipity of increased “tolerance” to pleasure!

To be an orgasmically radiant woman in my 60’s is the richest treasure!

I moved from having a low quality of life to a high quality of life by asking the right questions, following advice, making a commitment to myself and doing what it takes to become radiant and erotically empowered.

By combining pleasure practices with the hard slog of diet and exercise, I created true transformation. The rewards are amazing!

Helen is a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™ She is married to Philip, has three adult children and resides in Melbourne, Australia. Helen’s coaching is informed by a holistic lifestyle and long-term conscious partnership, spreading Pleasure Waves around the globe.

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