The Many Flavors of the Blueprints: an exploration of the Light Energetic, Dark Energetic and Psychological Kink

by Pleasure Team

You may be familiar with the five Erotic Blueprint Types™ – Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky and Shapeshifter. But did you know that there is actually a Light Energetic and a Dark Energetic? Did you also know that there are two types of kink – Psychological and Sensation-Based Kink? There is so much depth to these Blueprints that are well worth the exploration!

There is, in fact, a lot of crossover between the Energetic and Kinky Blueprints. If you find yourself to be primarily one of these Blueprints, you may find a bridge to expand you into the other if you just keep reading.

Light Energetic: The Light Energetic is what most people think of when it comes to the Energetic Blueprint™. Light Energetic is heart-centered and plays with air and space. There’s an opening of the field between partners, giving this feeling of deep connection. Those who play in the Light Energetic experience the feeling of being one with each other. This aspect of the Blueprint is about gentleness, kindness, compassion, love and light. Playing with a partner in this space is about including each other in your energetic field, with or without light Energetic touch. This is a warm and blissful experience to be had.

Dark Energetic: Just like the Light Energetic, the Dark Energetic plays with air and space. The primary difference with this is that there tends to be a piercing quality to the eyegaze. This is not about penetrating another person’s energetic field because you’re still playing with space. There is actually more space with this type of play because there is more restraint, a pulling back of the energy. There is more of a predatory energy to this type of play but predatory energy in the Dark Energetic differs from the Kinky since the Kinky is more about creating a specific container complete with rules, power dynamics, and doing “naughty” or taboo things. Dark Energetic could be taboo for you, but playing in this space isn’t defined by the taboo in the way that the Kinky is. However, the Dark Energetic provides an easy crossover to move into dominant Kinky as you’ll see below.

Psychological Kink: Kinky Blueprints™ are turned on by the taboo. The image most people conjure in their minds about this Blueprint is that of sensation-based play: spanking, whips, chains, ropes, etc. However, this is only part of the story for this Blueprint. Psychological Kink refers to forms of power play and/or the feeding of a fantasy in order to increase pleasure. This type of play can be in the form of directives by a Dominant to a submissive and can include more varieties of touch than in Energetic play. While there is certainly some crossover in the Psychological Kink and Dark Energetic space, the primary distinction between the two is the setting of a specific container as to how a scene would play out; for example, the Dominant could set a container as to how the submissive is meant to sit, pose and behave throughout. To add even more fun to the mix, Psychological Kink can be light or dark or all of it all at once. There can be a mix of motivating the submissive through the issuing of rewards or punishments as an example.

There is so much room to play and discover more about what turns you on in just these two Blueprint Types. Can you imagine what could unfold for you with a deep exploration of all five of them? The more you know, the more your whole life gets to be filled with pleasure!

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