Curiosity Killed the Cat… but Satisfaction Brought it Back!

by Pleasure Team

Have you ever heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat?” Most of us that have heard this idiom believe it to be the complete phrase that’s often repeated to remind us to mind our own business. However, did you know that the second half of the idiom is “but satisfaction brought it back”? This has been made to mean that the discovery behind the pursuit of knowledge can make the risk worth it!

If you find yourself in a State or Stage of Curiosity when it comes to your sexuality, you’re in the right place. A state is considered a short time while a stage is considered a longer point in time. There are also four other sexuality states/stages: Resting, Healing, Adventurous and Transformational. Here is a quick summary of those states:

Resting: You’re not having sex, whether by choice or not.
Healing: You’re healing from physical or emotional hurt.
Curiosity: You’re learning new things about sex and eroticism.
Adventurous: You’re playing to the edges and exploring new things.
Transformational: You’re looking for the “what’s more” to sex.

As you can see, each state/stage has a specific purpose. That means that these states are not hierarchical; no one state or stage is better than the other. Each of these states has the shadow of getting stuck in them and never moving into any of the others.

The Curiosity State is so important because it’s the state that brings new knowledge into your space. The challenge here is that curiosity can become a stage when you get caught up in learning all of the how-tos of sex without ever applying those learnings; when you get stuck here, that’s when curiosity kills the idiomatic cat! You can have all of the breakthrough moments life has to offer through acquiring knowledge and learning but if those learnings aren’t integrated into your life, they remain simply moments that you experienced once. When knowledge remains unapplied and unintegrated, you never become satisfied that you’ve acquired “enough” knowledge.

This starts a cycle of overconsuming information, never feeling like you have enough information, so you consume more information. Overconsumption of information can leave many of us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about where to go next. While feeding your curiosity doesn’t inherently create a negative experience, too much of a good thing can actually cause you to freeze.

It’s in the stillness that our next steps tend to reveal themselves to us. Whether you’re referring to a creative process or manifestation of something in your life, stilling the mind is key for clarity and flow.

If you find yourself in a state of gaining new knowledge but are feeling confused about what your next step will be, consider this your invitation to take several slow deep breaths. Place your hands somewhere on your body that helps you feel grounded and safe; this could be your heart, your belly, or even grounding touch on your hips or thighs. Allow your mind to go still.

From this place of stillness, ask yourself: am I satisfied with the knowledge I’ve learned at this point? If so, what do I desire my next step to be? If everything were available to me right now, what would that next step be?

Listen to that quiet, grounded voice inside of you that responds; that’s your intuition giving you the cue to follow whatever thread of pleasure presents itself!

If the message from deep within you is unclear at first, consider practicing more stillness. Take breath breaks and pauses for presence throughout the day; these practices have the effect of reconnecting you with your body and creating the stillness and space in your mind so that you can listen for your next steps. Following through on your innermost desires may just lead you to the ultimate satisfaction!

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