Bring Sexy Back to the Equinox

by Pleasure Team

Just as Mother Nature experiences changes in seasons, we also experience changes in our own systems as a response to those seasonal changes. Fluctuations in temperature and the amount of daylight we experience can have an impact on our sexuality. You may find that in the winter months that while you still may move fluidly between the five states/stages of sexuality – Resting, Healing, Curiosity, Adventurous, Transformational – you spend a little more time in Resting and Curiosity, while spending more time in the Transformational and Adventurous during the Summer. Whatever your experience is, know that it’s entirely natural!

We are on the precipice of a seasonal change – the Autumn/Spring Equinox, which is occurring tomorrow September 23rd. Whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, the equinox marks a time of transition – a return to deep introspection/preparation for winter during the Autumn Equinox and movement to action in the form of planting seeds and preparation for growth during the Spring Equinox.

The Autumn Equinox is typically the time reserved to enjoy the metaphorical fruits of your labor from the past year. It’s a time of deep surrender and trust in the knowing that you have put in the work and you get to be more at rest. The Spring Equinox is the time to begin putting into action all of the ideas, projects and priorities you came to clarity on in the winter months. In both cases, you’re essentially giving yourself – body, mind, emotionality, energy and soul – the opportunity to adjust to the shift in daylight hours that affect our natural circadian rhythms.

In all of this, hear our invitation into wholeness. You as a human being are already whole but maybe you are aware of an area in your life that has felt neglected or a place where you could use a little more nurturing.

Whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, here are some practices you may choose to engage in to welcome this time of year and give yourself the nurturing you need:

Autumn Equinox

  • Grant yourself the spaciousness to truly be in curiosity and play around your pleasure
  • Celebrate every single win, no matter how small
  • Consider spending some time in Resting state and let your rest open up the path to discovery, getting clear on your desires for your sex life and life in general
  • Be in a state of gratitude for all that you learn about yourself and your pleasure
  • Allow yourself to be with whatever is arising for you and let those shadow aspects that have been hidden to reveal themselves; remember, there’s no right or wrong here- only what’s showing up for you!

Spring Equinox

  • Notice what’s arising for you in your body; do you feel the stirring to become more active and engaged? (Hint: there’s no rule that you must just because it’s the Spring Equinox!)
  • Explore what turns you on. Follow the threads of pleasure and try those things you’ve always wanted to try!
  • Consider taking a course or class that will help increase your erotic intelligence, maybe even our very own Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course!
  • Determine how you’d like to harness your sexual energy. What is it that you desire to create? Begin taking the aligned action to bring it about!
  • Play with the new energy the Earth is bringing forward. Can you feel the energy of the trees, the sprouts of new growth and the budding flowers?

No matter how you choose, or even if you choose, to invite the new season in, be sure to follow your intuition and let it guide you in the most pleasurable way! The above are merely suggestions for how you might like to celebrate.

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Embrace what has been buried and shamed in your body for thousands of years.

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