Forget fear! Boost your immunity and try this instead…

by Jaiya

When the world is closing down, shutting themselves inside from fear, how do you open to love?

At this juncture in time, we’re being barraged with news daily…no hourly, really…about the coronavirus and all the dangers of exposure to this disease and how it is impacting every aspect of daily life and the heightened threat it poses to the elderly and people with compromised health.

The details of schools shutting down, conferences being cancelled and businesses navigating the landscape of asking people to work from home makes this situation very real for all of us.


This doesn’t have to be a time of fear, panic, and paranoia. It can be a time of reflection. Hand washing…lots of hand washing…social distancing…and reflection.

You see, when the world seems to be spinning in a counterclockwise direction and everything seems to be going backwards, it’s up to us to maintain the calm. To maintain the peace of mind that is still available to us no matter what our circumstances.

Choose a Different Path

It’s up to us to open ourselves to love.

Sure, that refers to love and compassion for all members of this human race, but also on another level, physical love for self and our lovers (if we have them).

Rather than being holed up and wondering when the sky is going to fall, turn to the mirror or your lover and find what you seek.




In finding your pleasure you open yourself to a new perspective of the people around you and the world, in general.

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Sex as a Tool

By opening yourself to pleasure and learning what it has to offer you at this time of high anxiety and pressure, you find yourself able to cope and deal with a new (hopefully temporary) way of life and living.

And it’s an accepted scientific fact that those who tap in and turn on often are those who are better suited to mentally and emotionally handle anxiety, thanks to stress relief, the flood of feel good hormones, and a sense of connectedness that comes out of intimate connection.

But did you know that moderately frequent sex (a few times a week) also increases your immunoglobulin A, which helps your body fight off colds and infections? It does.

So having sex (this includes self-pleasure) a few times a week while you’re home bound alone or with your lover means that you can help all those handwashing efforts by boosting your immunoglobulin A.

And even if you’re not down to get down, remember that if you do, you’ll be giving your body a shot of one of its important infection-fighters…in the end, you’ll find you’re able to cope a lot better with the new dynamic – AND have fun!

Scientific studies done by Dr. Joe Dispenza show that spending 20 mintues two times a day in a mediation of gratitude will boost your immune system’s strength by 50% within 4 days of doing the practice. WOW.

Turn off the TV fear machine, get the facts you need to know about dealing with this pandemic directly from the scientific and medical communities without all the hyperbole and spend the rest of your time in practices of gratitude and pleasure.

Take this surreal time to dive into the pleasures that no one can take away from you by opening yourself to love.

Three ways to open up to physical love:

  • Learn your body by allowing yourself time alone to play and uncover the things that turn you on, so you can give them to yourself fully and learn to ask for them from your lover
  • Learn how to love your lover, fully, deeply, in ways that make them feel like you have a new sixth sense, because you’re able to please them in ways you never have before
  • Invest in skills that bring you closer and ignite passion and connection, because if you’re able to really master the art of soul-shattering sex, you will be able to step into a whole new realm of being that the rest of the world will want a part of

We are living in a chaotic time.

But opening ourselves to love can not only make it bearable, but can help us become masters of love – an art that has the potential to reshape the world for the better.

Stay safe. Be well. And get those immunity boosting hormones pumping by indulging in some personal pleasure ASAP!!!

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