Bring on the Juice: How cultivating a regular pleasure practice opens up new levels of ecstasy

by Pleasure Team

Let’s talk about squirting…

Squirting is language used typically to describe liquid that releases from the urethra of a vulva-bodied human when in a state of heightened arousal. At some level, it has become something that many aspire to and want to know how to make it happen.

We heard your ask and so we sat down with Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach and the Lead Host and Mistress of Erotic Freedom Club, Amanda Monk, to get all the juicy details about how cultivating her very own pleasure practice unlocked this next level of pleasure for her.

We hope it supports you in your journey!

What in your definition is a pleasure practice?

A pleasure practice is a practice that’s put in place to support you in reconnecting your body, your mind and in my case, my energy to my own pleasure. It’s a practice in that it’s something that’s done on a regular basis. I have a goal of doing it daily. My pleasure practice can be anything from sitting outside and connecting with nature, meditating or sometimes it’s very specifically self-pleasure. I might have a new toy I want to play with. I might be exploring a new technique or sometimes it’s really just creating a grounding experience for myself.

I think in this life we’re taught to focus on the things that aren’t working, or to focus on the things that need fixing or that we need to do better. Having a pleasure practice has really helped me to connect to what is working and take responsibility for my emotional and physical state at any given time.

How did you discover your ability to squirt?

I first discovered it through manual stimulation, specifically for me in my body it was through G Spot stimulation with a partner. It’s definitely something I enjoy, but there’s also many types of orgasms I enjoy so it’s not something I feel people need to get attached to needing to be a part of the experience.

I came to experience [squirting orgasms] for the first time in solo play this year. It caught me totally off guard. I had no idea this was going to happen. I was playing with a toy for clitoral stimulation… I was learning how to pair the use of this particular toy with touch on other parts of my body.

I’d already been in my pleasure practice session for a little bit so it [happened] after I’d already had a couple of clitoral orgasms. I was just playing with applying pressure to different parts of my body and I recognized that when I pressed on a certain spot of my body, it increased the pleasure. If I pressed that spot on my body and created a manual vibration with the vibration of the toy at the same time – I had a very intense orgasm and made a really big mess. That’s how I discovered it. It was a very pleasant surprise that just kind of happened.

What do you think is seductive about this ability?

What’s seductive about this for me, my body and my sexual experience is that it’s a new level of pleasure and release from my body. To me, that’s seductive as hell!

I have a pretty wide spectrum in my Blueprint. However, [my Sexual Blueprint™] wasn’t something I’d had a lot of experience in exploring as a person who doesn’t have a partner right now. Being able to experience something that’s really sexual in nature in solo play is just a really amazing sexual experience. It’s something that was never really a goal for me; it’s just something I stumbled across. For me, that was a whole new level of fun and expansion in my Blueprint.

What was your experience like in your solo practice?

The first time it happened, I was just deep in play and curiosity. I didn’t really keep track of what I needed to do to “make it happen.” I know so much about my body and my pleasure, what my body is capable of and what my limits are because of the pleasure practice that I have. It’s something I’ve learned is a repeatable process for me and it does have some very specific stimulus that’s needed for my body. Your body might do very different things and have very different feelings and levels of pleasure when ejaculating. There are bodies that experience pleasure completely separate from ejaculation. In my body, I experience pleasure with the ejaculation; it actually heightens my pleasure.

As far as it being able to be controlled, it’s something that I can never really guarantee is going to happen. There’s no [specific process] that is going to lead me to a squirting orgasm every single time but I have been able to do it again and again and again. Now it’s like a fun game that I get to play with myself.

Here’s some of “the how” for me: I’m stimulating the clitoris in multiple ways. That’s how it works for my body. I’m using the toy that’s stimulating the clitoris externally and then, using my hand, I’m stimulating the parts of my clitoris that are beneath the surface we don’t see on the outside; I’m applying pressure to that part of my body while it’s engorged.

The clitoris is made of erectile tissue, so once I’m in my full level of turn on, and my body is fully ripened, and I’m energetically in the right space, and I’m able to let go of my mind and get lost in what’s happening – that’s what creates and makes [this level of orgasm] possible. It doesn’t mean that it happens every single time but it is something that happens a lot of the time when I have those things set up. It’s not something I think can ever be fully controlled. In general, if you’re not open to it happening, chances are you’re not going to relax enough and your body isn’t going to release enough for you to be able to get there.

What advice would you give to those who desire this experience for themselves?

The advice I would give… is to be ready to explore and to have patience with yourself and your body. You have to experiment. You have to try things. Get really clear about what creates orgasm for you in general and knowing [what your baseline is].

If you’re doing this with yourself… and you want to practice getting yourself to that level of turn on, then it’s really about practice and playing. Learn the spots on your body that have really intense pleasure and learn the spots on your body that don’t.

[It’s about having] consistent pleasure practice, being super curious, allowing yourself to explore and getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

So just play! Experiment. Have fun with it and take the pressure off that if it doesn’t happen that something is wrong. There’s nothing wrong; it’s just a possibility. Let it just be that: a possibility.

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Amanda Monk (she/her) is a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach and the Community Manager of our online community, Erotic Freedom Club. After 20 years in corporate Organizational Development, she created her own practice as a Transformational Coach combining her Erotic Blueprint training with her expertise in business, emotional resonance clearing and energy work. She specializes in alchemizing the shadow aspects to initiate healing, self-confidence and transformation in any area of life for her clients. In organizations she brings structure to chaos, builds communication, and nurtures community. She is a mom to a rambunctious 7-year-old, loves coffee, car karaoke and exploring the outdoors.

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