4 Pleasure Killers

by Jaiya

4 Pleasure Killers


Are you struggling with your satisfaction in the bedroom?

Has sex become painful?

Has your libido tanked?

Is your sexual stamina and staying power not what it used to be?

You may be dealing with one of these 4 pleasure killers.

Poor Chemistry

Your hormones are going crazy. Perhaps you are going through a change in your life like Menopause, or maybe stress at work has caused intense adrenal fatigue. Whatever the case, your bio-chemistry could be off. Check with your doctor to see where you are.

Scar Tissue

Scars can be created from any number of things from surgery, to a fall, to infection. Scar tissue can affect blood flow and nerve conductivity, in other words, it affects arousal and the pleasure you feel. It also limits flexibility and can cause painful intercourse.

Poor Mindset

Your emotional state greatly affects your pleasure state. If you are constantly stuck in your head, experience shame about your sexual desires, or have past emotional traumas that keep you blocked, you need to work on improving your mindset. Emotions play a big role in sexual satisfaction yet many of us run on autopilot instead of getting conscious to our dis-empowering thinking.

Poor Energy

You aren’t getting enough sleep. Instead you might stay up on the computer or you toss and turn because stress is keeping you from rest. You stimulate to wake up with sugar or coffee or both, but then feel a crash and burn in the afternoon. When sexy time rolls around feel exhausted instead of excited. You need to learn how to manage your energy better.

When we take our participants through these four pleasure killers they are usually surprised to see that they have more than one of them. They all affect each other. You could have scar tissue from a surgery that is affecting your chemistry that in turn is affecting your energy.

Which one of these is your biggest obstacle to creating optimal sexual health and pleasure?

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