Month: May 2020
Living in Erotic Energy –  Your Access to Vitality

Living in Erotic Energy – Your Access to Vitality

Another day is beckoning. Are you craving to hide in your blanket fort and to find comfort in a delicious pizza? Are Netflix and Hulu getting stale? Another board game? Really? In this midst of all the shelter in place orders and the lack of consistency coming from...

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3 Tips to Aligning Out-of-Step Erotic Blueprints

Knowing and understanding what turns you on (and it’s not always what you think it is, by the way – take the Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz to find out!) means you know and understand how to take your eroticism and make it your superpower. When you are erotically in tune with...

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The Path to Awakened Sex Starts Here

All at once the candles are extinguished. And you are left to feel. The body bliss you crave, nowhere to be found. Your partner lay awake in silence next to you, also wondering when your relationship went stale...when the sex became less than. That’s the hunger...

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