The Power of Your Erotic Self Revealed

by Jaiya
In last week’s Blog, I introduced you to the Empowered Erotic Personas – A Path to Erotic Freedom.

Erotic Personas are pieces of our eroticism we have abandoned or dismissed. They are unlived truths about who we are, what we crave and how we express ourselves.

I developed a process to uncover my Erotic Personas, to bring them out to play.

Erotic Persona work is about reclaiming these lost pieces and unleashing your true self (or selves), so you gain access to every bit of sexual potential you have.

We’ve been taking our Erotic Freedom Club members through this playful, challenging and powerfully rewarding process and there are such beautifully profound transformations taking place.

Each time I dive into the process, it deepens and I discover how transformational this work truly is.

Two Life-Changing Pieces of the Persona Process

  1. Your Erotic Persona Photo Shoot
  2. The Magic of Letting Your Personas Speak

Your Erotic Persona Photo Shoot:

I developed a process to uncover my Erotic Personas and bring them out to play.

Being fully seen in your Persona can radically change your perception of who you are.

Erotic Persona Photo Shoots, where a skilled photographer has captured the essence of my Personas has revolutionized who I am erotically.

I’ve been uncovering my shameless slut in my most recent Persona adventure and her name is Puddles…

photos by Lindsay A. Miller


The process of working with our amazing photographer Lindsay A. Miller brought forth a vulnerability and innocence in Puddles I didn’t know was there.

The richness of this piece of myself opened up and I discovered how much I, as a little girl, yearned for, craved and was starving to be cherished, told how good I was being, given compliments, parties and balloons and to be loved for my playful childlike exuberance.

Puddles loves to play and she loves to show people her ass! She loves receiving gifts and she’s so grateful when she does.

I haven’t had access to this level of joy in decades. She’s such a bliss bunny, she’ll take me to all sorts of places Jaiya would never go, because Jaiya has a totally different filter of beliefs and judgments.

I love feeling Puddles in my body!

My partner Ian has been uncovering his abandoned King energy in a Persona named Aengus…

photos by Lindsay A. Miller


Finding Aengus has expanded Ian’s ability to embody abandoned qualities of grounded confidence and evolved dominant masculine energies of being assertive with what he truly desires.

Aengus has ancient wisdom and a knowing of truth, honor and integrity.

Aengus is Hot!

As the benevolent King, his energy holds the space and allows me to surrender. I know I’m safe. I know Aengus has my back!

As the Warrior, Aengus actually terrifies me. He is fierce and his animal power pervades any space he’s occupying.

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The Magic of Letting Your Personas Speak

A new layer of the transformational power of Empowered Erotic Personas opened up for us this last week.

Before the photo shoot, Ian and I dove into two day intensive with a trauma bonding specialist. We’re committed to unwinding patterns in our relationship that don’t work for either of us.

The process catapulted to an entirely new level when we brought our Personas into the work to speak to each other. We were stuck and going around in circles in our communication around some topics critical to our connection in our relationship.

We needed a breakthrough and our Personas provided what we needed.

I’ve developed 7 of my Personas at this point in time and Ian has 4 Personas who have come out to play.

We discovered that each of these pieces of ourselves want different things and they go about getting what they want/need in very different ways.

We discovered that some of our Personas are children in their development and they shouldn’t be in the driver’s seat of our adult lives. We need to listen to them, love them and honor their needs, but we need to put our matured Personas behind the wheel when we’re collaborating as a couple to consciously create our relationship and breakthrough problems to find new solutions.

If Ian is talking to my Icy Queen (her predominant attitude towards others is disgust), he’s all but guaranteed to get reactions that are not helpful.

If I’m talking to Ian’s Little Robbie (this is the unacknowledged little boy inside Ian), I’m going to get really scared and feel that Ian does not have my back.

The moment I can drop into my persona The Gorgeous Goddess and Ian can speak to her as Aengus, the conversation transforms.

We both come to a sense of personal empowerment and safety with each other.

We’ve both been blown away by the difference in communicating from our Personas.

It’s so hot. It’s so juicy.

I love this work so much, we’ll will be offering our Empowered Erotic Persona course as a super bonus for those who join our Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course.

As of this writing, we only open enrollment to this course twice a year – Get on the waitlist here!

Fill your life with pleasure,


“Our compatibility has gone through the roof…how to be pleased. How to ask to be sexually pleased. How to please you (your partner) sexually. How to experience not only the orgasms we were already having and the ecstatic pleasure that we were already living, but now to have it magnify and multiply and go to whole new levels. It feels like we’re starting our relationship again!“

Satyen and Suzanne Raja

Embrace what has been buried and shamed in your body for thousands of years.

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