Replace “Boring Sex” With Orgasmic Living!

by Ian Ferguson
Ian and Jaiya - Photo by Lindsay Miller

Photo by Lindsay Miller

As a society, we are ‘busier’ than ever.

“Busy” is a badge of honor in our western world and it may be killing us in more ways than we understand.

Because of the exaltation of “Busy” in our society, not only are we having less sex than ever, we tend to resort to our defaults when it comes to sex…which leads to sex becoming a chore.

Obligatory or perfunctory sex leads to a lack of desire to have it, yes?

This can lead to hosts of other problems that boil up in our relationships, in ourselves, and in our connections with everyone in our lives.

Productivity suffers!

Family life suffers!

Health suffers!

In other words, a life devoid of real, fulfilling pleasure and intimate connection impacts us in every aspect of our lives.

So What’s the Solution for “Boring Sex?”

Become an Erotic Explorer!

Discover everything you can about your body!

Your personal pleasure instrument!

Step onto the path of orgasmic living! Step on to the Path to Passion!

  • Reclaim your sexual sovereignty
  • Honor your emotional needs
  • Empower yourself:
    – Know your boundaries and declare them
    – Require consent as a foundation of your intimate encounters
    – So you can safely venture to those naughty edges and beyond
  • Admit and accept your desires (this does not always mean you act on them, but stop judging or suppressing them. If your desires are beyond the pale, you can invent ways to play with them that are consensual, legal and honoring of other humans)
  • Get real about what turns you off too! Know your needs, wants and desires and understand how you get them fulfilled and what puts the brakes on your pleasure

Know Your Pleasure! 
When you understand the secret and not-so-secret inner workings of your body, heart, mind and soul, you build your own tool kit for arousal.

Own Your Pleasure!
You take ownership of your pleasure and claim your sexual sovereignty.

Live Your Pleasure!
Keeping turn on alive in your body keeps vitality and thirst for life coursing through your veins.

When you’re in romantic partnership or partnerships, understanding your lover’s map of arousal is fundamental to keeping that magnetic attraction and lifelong passion pulsing and vibrant in your intimacy.

Eroticism is the playground of adults.

You want to be the one having the most fun on the playground, yes?

How Do You Uncover Your Erotic Truths?

  • Willingness to play, explore and discover without judgment (of self or others)
  • Patience, practice and acceptance of where you are right here, right now
  • Support from people who can guide you with truthful and informed sex education, a compassionate heart and an open mind (A sex positive and consent based community to support and encourage your journey)
  • And, of course, we’d highly recommend a deep dive into studying all the pleasures of all the Erotic Blueprint Types™

Intimate knowledge of your primary Erotic Blueprint and that of your lover(s), is like being given a secret decoder ring that opens the door to deeper connection and true sexual fulfillment.

  • Do you love the anticipation, the withholding of that kiss more than the actual kiss?
  • Are you moved by hands caressing your body, candlelight and delicious music creating the mood, and intercourse doesn’t even need to happen for you to feel fulfilled?
  • Do you love power games in your sexual encounters? Control and surrender? Dominance and Submission?
  • Are you ready for intercourse at all times of the day and all this nonsense of atmosphere and game play feels unnecessary and annoying?
  • Is your appetite insatiable for all kinds of sexual play and you could go for hours and hours and never get enough?

How did you respond to each of these options?

Your response is a hint about your core erotic nature 🙂

Are you ready to…

Uncover what turns you on!

Uncover what turns you off!

Your primary Erotic Blueprint Type is your fastest access to turn on in your body.

Free Masterclass

Do you know how to Feed your Blueprint desires?

What deepens your turn-on and takes you to total orgasmic fulfillment?

What tools and techniques allow you to get lost in a state of ecstasy?

Once you’ve mastered the turns ons of your primary Blueprint Type, what’s next?

OMG!! The world of erotic exploration and expansion is endless.

Jaiya and I have been exploring the realms of pleasure for decades and we’ve barely dipped our toes in the vast ocean of ecstatic, orgasmic options.
How could the world of pleasure ever be boring, if you’re interested in it?
Being “Bored” in the bedroom is simply a sign of a lack of creativity.

You have an entire Universe of sexual pleasure waiting to be discovered.


Here’s the thing…

Knowing your primary Blueprint Type and all the pleasures that it affords you is amazing, but….

Knowing your Primary Blueprint Type, even if you’re fully expressed and fed in the pleasures of that Type, shows you where you’re limited!

Yes, you may be living within your limitations and missing massive amounts of connection and pleasure!!!

We have layers upon layers inside of us to explore.

You may be attracted to certain turn ons because they are all you know.

You may have assumptions, judgements, fears or shames about the turn ons of other Blueprint Types that keep you from experiencing realms of unfathomable pleasure.

These blocks or breaks to expanding your range may be hurting your relationship too…

This is where discovering your secondary and tertiary Blueprint turn ons opens the door to variety, exploration and expansion.

To discover your ‘Complete Pleasure Profile,’ showing you the percentage of each Blueprint Type that you are, take our In-Depth Quiz for just $17 and get a 28-Page Customized Report just for you!

If you have a hard time relating to your lover’s turn ons, opening up to your non-primary Blueprint arousal may be where you can find common ground with your them. This is where you can end the illusion of ‘sexual incompatibility’ and become each other’s sex life superheros – meeting your lover’s needs and finding yours fed and fulfilled too.

One example of how your Secondary Blueprint Type can provide more pleasure: You might be primarily a Sexual Type who is turned on by the sight of naked bodies or fondling, but then you might have a secondary Blueprint in, say, the Sensual Type. Enhance your experience by finding the right music. This honoring of our sensual needs can relax your body to receive your lover’s naked flesh even more deeply.

Become an Erotic Explorer!

The Blueprints offer you dynamic range.

The Blueprints offer you a deep tool kit of practices, tools and techniques for discovery, play and exploration!

The Blueprints can offer you safety to expand into territory that may feel intimidating or edgy but exciting, because the Erotic Blueprint methodology is a 360 degree, wholistic approach to your sexual health and pleasure…

The Blueprints are about way more than just your Blueprint Type.

They are about speaking, feeding, healing and expanding your sexuality.

When you approach sex wholistically, it becomes an adventure…a journey…that keeps your fire lit.

It becomes a nurturing, fulfilling experience, honoring where you are at right here, right now!

This is the solution to “boring” sex…

It’s also a solution to achieving a higher quality of life.

Your pleasure is your birthright, yes?

When you are in pleasure…

  • You’re more relaxed and connected to yourself and others
  • You make better decisions (Scientifically proven, by the way)
  • Your hormonal health can become more regulated
  • You look younger
  • And you can increase your longevity

These sound like pretty great reasons to prioritize your pleasure today, yes?

There are many teachers and communities available to you for study and exploration of your pleasure. Make sure you find great and trusted mentors, because there is a lot of unethical behavior out there.

If pleasure is important to you, the essential key is that you take action and start the journey.

Focusing on pleasure, what brings you pleasure specifically and weaving this into your daily life…

That is the practice of living an orgasmic life!

Interested in uncovering the deep details embedded in your body, mind, and soul so that you can discover the skills of living an orgasmic life – forever?

Check out our signature training Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Program (EBBP), the program that has helped thousands of students take back their sex lives and have those full-body orgasms that you dream of.

Fill your heart with love and your life with pleasure,


p.s. INCREDIBLE BONUS! When you join the EBBC Premium Membership, you also receive a priceless bonus: Lifetime access to monthly group coaching calls with expert sex educators!

Imagine having your own master level sex and relationship advice at your fingertips month after month, whenever you need it.

How much would this lifetime expert coaching be worth to you?

“Our compatibility has gone through the roof…how to be pleased. How to ask to be sexually pleased. How to please you (your partner) sexually. How to experience not only the orgasms we were already having and the ecstatic pleasure that we were already living, but now to have it magnify and multiply and go to whole new levels. It feels like we’re starting our relationship again!“

Satyen and Suzanne Raja

Embrace what has been buried and shamed in your body for thousands of years.

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