One of the Most Effective Sex Toys That You Already Own

by Jaiya
Erotic Freedom

You’re on the phone, talking to your boss, when you feel your lover’s hand gently stroke down the length of your back. 

Concentration now out the window, you immediately turn your attention to the sensations coursing through your body. 

So you do your best to wrap up your call quickly because the one thing you cannot say no to is your lover’s ability to touch. 

Gentle strokes up either side of your spine send you into a maddened frenzy and when they put just the right amount of pressure on your sacrum… Wow!

By the presence of their touch, they have rendered you powerless.

Your genitals throb with aliveness and desire.

And you’re certain that orgasmic satisfaction is at hand (Pun intended)

The Secret Behind the Sensation of Touch

Touch is powerful. It’s not only a means of connecting physically but also emotionally.

It allows us to turn inward into ourselves, allowing us to check stress and cortisol at the door.

But erotic touch does even more.

It can transport us to other dimensions when done with just the right amount of pressure and presence and in just the right places.

Those “right” touches not only allow our bodies to slow cortisol production, but it also increases the production of oxytocin and serotonin, along with other feel-good hormones.

Orgasmic touch allows us to forget the email inbox, the screaming kids, the mayhem in the world that can tank our pleasure and peace.

Presence, Pressure and Tempo

Your presence, the different intensities of pressure, and the speed of your touch are the elements that, when combined in just the right way, make your hands and fingers some of your most tantalizing and effective sexual tools.

To tap into the power of touch, bring yourself into present time awareness.  In other words, bring yourself to full presence.

One way to do this is a simple 4 square breathing technique.

Close your eyes.  Take an in-breath on a count of 4. Hold it for a count of 4.  Exhale on a count of 4 and hold the exhale for a count of 4.

Repeat this several times and focus on the count.

While playing with this breath, bring your awareness to your hands and your fingers.

Feel all the sensations that are present in your hands right now.  Feel the temperature of the room on your skin. Feel the blood and bones inside your hands.

Begin moving your hands on and over your own body so slowly that you notice every little sensation.

Notice the sensations you are feeling in your hands, AND notice the responses from your body.

Lighten your touch, then deepen your touch.

Slow your touch (like really slow), then speed up your touch.

You are gathering information.  You are writing the user’s manual for your own self-pleasure, discovering what turns you on and what turns you off.

Play these touch games with your lover and get real-time feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Some lovers prefer more pressure to the touch.

Some prefer a lighter touch or even no contact with the skin at all (these are likely the Energetic Types™ and they can feel your touch from across the room – crazy right?)

Different parts of the body may want different depths of touch.

As the body becomes aroused, it may crave different depths of touch.

This is why presence is vital.  You need to train yourself to be aware of the changing desires and needs of your body and your lover’s body.

Presence is the access to becoming a true £rotic artist.

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Types of Touch for The Blueprints…

There are different types of touch and each evokes its own response, depending on the Blueprint Type™ of the person(s) you’re with.

Let’s explore a few different types of touch here.  These are not fast and solid rules about touch, they are simply a starting point for exploration.

Energetic Touch 

Giving touch without even physically touching is one of the orgasmic wonders of the Energetic Blueprint Type. Energetic Types feel the energy before your hands even make contact with their body.

It’s often the tease or anticipation for the Energetic that creates intense arousal.  Sometimes when the hands make actual contact with the body, the turn on dies.

You can tap into Energetic touch by simply hovering your fingers over the surface of the epidermis or playing with how far away you can hold your hands and have your lover still feel you.

Have you ever had an orgasm without even being touched?

This is one of the superpowers of the Energetic Blueprint Type.

Sensual Touch

Sensuals tend to love contouring, deep, and penetrating touch. This can hit Sensuals in just the right spot.

A Sensual typically needs to relax in order to open up their sexual energy and desire.  They need to down-regulate their nervous system.

Learning Erotic Massage is a great idea if you’ve got a Sensual partner.

Play with this touch and watch your lovers (or your own, if you’re solo) physical responses to it.

When does their breath get deeper, faster, or heavier? Do they hold their breath?  Holding breath could indicate pleasure or that something is not feeling good.  You have to ask to know.

When sensuals start moaning, that’s usually a good sign.

Sexual Touch 

Sexual touch?

Well, you probably guessed it.  Going for the genitals is a good bet.

But there’s direct touch that lacks subtlety, then there’s highly attuned touch that knows that the genitals are full of specific desires.

To drive your Sexual partner absolutely wild, take time to discover all the ways their genitals want to be touched.

Kinky Touch

This Blueprint Type can benefit from every form of touch you can think of.  Often it’s the context of the situation that guides which touch will turn up the heat.

In this realm of sexual exploration, we recommend you get training from experts in Kink.  The possibilities are endless.

The Art of Touch Goes Far Beyond Skin Deep 

Mastering the art of touch is a primary tool for erotic fulfillment.

If you take the time to master these skills of using your hands to turn your lovers’ bodies into your playground, they’ll surrender to you every time…body, mind, and soul.


Fill your heart with love and your life with pleasure,

Ian and Jaiya

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