National Day of Unplugging… Eroticized!

by Pleasure Team

It’s pretty amazing what we can tune INto when we tune OUT the usual distractions of the modern world…

We invite you to celebrate National Day of Unplugging with us, even for a few hours!

What could you discover about your erotic essence if you gave yourself permission to shut off your devices, your to-do lists, the day-to-day needs of sustenance that you must meet for yourself and others?

Try it and see what happens.

You may be surprised at the things your erotic soul is longing to tell you…

How the whispering of your deepest desires has been waiting for your full attention…

The ways you’ve yearned for connection, with yourself and others…

Unplugging allows our truest selves to come front and center and gives us a chance to explore what we’ve been ‘back-burnering’, or perhaps even avoiding altogether.

The rewards of taking this time for ourselves can be so rich.

We’d even suggest trying a period of unplugging to feed your primary Erotic Blueprint Type™! So many discoveries await…

What sorts of unplugged activities would fill YOUR Erotic Blueprint’s cup?

You might not be surprised that we have some ideas we can share with you…

Energetic Blueprint™

  • Nature: Energetic Types™ often love the healing vibes of nature – so get out and soak up some of that energy the natural world is brimming with! If you live near the sea, you might enjoy the influx of those sea-salt air-negative ions, for example. You may even have certain special places in nature that automatically soothe your nervous system. Take some time to revel in those.
  • Sound Bowls: The resonance of a singing bowl can bring exquisite pleasure to an Energetic Type. You can spend time with your own singing bowl, or perhaps even join a facilitated sound healing or sound bath.
  • Angelic voices, chanting, or meditations: You may have to ‘cheat” a little and use your device to queue these up (you can always put your smartphone in Airplane Mode), but the ethereal sounds of chanting or angelic voices can take an Energetic Type to another realm!

Sensual Blueprint™

  • Nature: Like the Energetic Type, the Sensual Type™ is often deeply fed by nature, although for different reasons. Nature is resplendent with fragrances, textures, colors and sounds that can fill the senses with delight and pleasure. The smell of a garden after it rains or a burst of cool alpine air can rocket a Sensual Type into ecstasy.
  • Massages and bodywork: Sensual Types adore slow, caressing touch, and having (or giving) a massage is an excellent way to create this kind of yumminess while unplugging.
  • A luxurious bath: Hot, lingering baths are the province of the Sensual Type, and can be enhanced in so many ways – essential oils, flower petals, bath salts and bubbles, or even a lover, should you invite them into that space.

Sexual Blueprint™

  • Get naked: Bodies, skin, genitals … if you’re a Sexual Type™, why not spend your unplugging time naked, no matter what you’re doing? You can close the drapes in your home and dance, cook, or even vacuum naked! If you know a secluded spot in nature, being naked in the great outdoors can be exciting and erotic as well.
  • Have sex all day: If you’re a Sexual Type and just love getting right down to it, what could be better than a day to turn off technology and focus on fucking? You can do this with yourself or a lover, and indulge away!
  • Explore sex toys: You might be turning your devices off, but who says you can’t get turned ON with toys? Unplug your phone and plug in your vibrators, sleeves, or anything else guaranteed to provide lots of orgasms during your downtime.

Kinky Blueprint™

  • Punishment and reward: We all know how hard it can be to tear ourselves away from technology! If you’re a Kinky Type™, why not make it fun by devising a punishment that turns you on, if you cheat and look at your phone? If you’re ‘good’, you can also get a reward, as well.
  • Intense sensation: Unplugging can be a great time for a Kinky Type™ to explore different types of intense sensation – flogging, spanking, hair–pulling or scratching, to name a few. If you’re going to unplug at home, get creative with potential sensation items! Just be sure to put safety first, as always – and get proper instruction before playing with more extreme practices.
  • Play with taboos: This could mean anything taboo for YOU. You could check out the “Sleeping Beauty” series by writer Anne Rice, which explores the erotic taboo of non-consent, for example. If you’re unplugging with a lover, you could design games of control and surrender.

Shapeshifter Blueprint™

  • All of the above… and more! If you’re a Shapeshifter Type™, don’t forget the “more” part – your endless capacity for pleasure will make unplugging a wild ride! Take the opportunity to tune in deeply, moment to moment, to what you MOST desire.
  • Read erotica in all Blueprints: If you’re planning to unplug, get a paper book and explore everything erotic under the sun contained in the pages. Consider what you might like to try someday if you feel ready for a new adventure.

When we think of ‘unplugging’, we typically think of quiet, calm, uninterrupted time and space for ourselves… and as the above examples illustrate, we can juice up our unplugged time in wildly erotic ways!

You are a Universe waiting to be discovered…

So we hope you celebrate this National Day of Unplugging by tapping into some uncharted erotic territory within yourself.

If your Adventures in Unplugging lead you to want more, our Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course awaits – with tons more ideas, practices, and explorations for those days you just need a break from technology.

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As always, fill your life with pleasure!

“Our compatibility has gone through the roof…how to be pleased. How to ask to be sexually pleased. How to please you (your partner) sexually. How to experience not only the orgasms we were already having and the ecstatic pleasure that we were already living, but now to have it magnify and multiply and go to whole new levels. It feels like we’re starting our relationship again!“

Satyen and Suzanne Raja

Embrace what has been buried and shamed in your body for thousands of years.

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