How can we support Ukraine’s voices?

by Ian Ferguson

As a world-wide, pleasure-based community…

We listen to our bodies.

We show up raw and real for ourselves and one another.

And we honor others by gaining permission first. If we break consent we apologize and make it right.

Tragically, our friends in Ukraine hurt in their bodies, are growing raw from struggle, and loudly announce they do NOT consent.

This is a moment where our community agreements get strained and tested.

For those of us not in the immediate zone of impact, we may wonder what we can do. We want to help make it right…yet perhaps feel uncertain what support is helpful in such a humanitarian crisis.

How can the pleasure path help in times of sorrow and survival?
One practice we do daily is to support people in the ways they are clearly asking to be supported.  And a big ask at the moment are donations to provide resources that will serve immediate needs.
Many incredible organizations are stepping up to process your support and offer the necessary supplies as the situation unfolds.
In our efforts to choose where to give, we resonated deeply with The Kyiv Independent.  We believe the voices of truth need to be supported and amplified so we never relent in the pursuit of freedom and justice.
In November, the 26 year old Kyiv Post closed, and a team of journalists arose together as the Kyiv Independent to make sure freedom of the press continued.  Despite cyber and real life attacks, they continue to share news with the world from the ground in Ukraine – through a unified, embodied voice.
Now they are asking for support in 3 ways:
Direct-to-journalist crowdfunding is powerful.  With our support, these professionals can rely on us instead of advertising, government, or clickbait algorithms.
Their powerful words can continue to clearly articulate the voices of the people.
Their raw and realness.
Their desires.
Their birthright to safety, sovereignty and ultimately to a life filled with pleasure.  💙💛

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