Do’s and Don’ts for the Energetic Erotic Blueprint™ Type

by Jaiya

Lips hover unbearably close to lips in a forever never kiss.

Breath, warm and tantalizing, as the heat grazes the curve of the shoulder.

A shiver of desire jolts your body.

An inhale of the eternal breath connects you to ecstatic realms.

Your soul longs to merge into cosmic union.


Do you consider what I just described to be “sex”?

If you’re an Energetic Erotic Blueprint™ it’s probably a total turn-on.

This could even be orgasmic for you, while, for others, this could simply be construed as “foreplay”.

For others, this may actually sound boring or feel like a waste of time.

For the Energetic Type, however, this type of play is sooooo much more than the priming of the body.

It’s what deeply feeds the Energetic.

It’s all about the anticipation.

The craving.

To someone whose Core Erotic Blueprint™ is Energetic, you could easily send them into a full-body orgasm…even without laying a finger on them.

If this is not your version of pleasure you say, “What?”.

For those who are not Energetic Types, the turns-ons of the Energetic can be very confusing.

“You can feel me more when I’m standing feet away from you?”

“You can orgasm without touch?”

You see, we are bio-energetic before we are anything else. Energy flows all around us. In fact, we are energy.

And the Energetic Blueprint individual uses that energy to tap in and turn on…

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They can feel everything.

Just like the Sensual Blueprint™ that we talked about in last week’s blog in this series, the Energetic is also capable of experiencing orgasms without being touched…and they can be non-genital, multiple, full-body orgasms, at that.

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Ever felt like your lover was reading your mind?

Have you ever been with someone and instinctively knew what they wanted?

Or you’ve been with someone that instinctively knew what you wanted?

Energetics can often understand what you want before you do, creating an experience that is surprisingly satisfying.

That instinct is literally the reading of energy, in many cases.

They are so tapped into the energy that surrounds us that they can feed off of it or even direct it as needed, giving them (and you) heightened surges of pleasure that some cannot yet fathom. Yet!

But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine with Energetic Types.

The downside of the Energetic Blueprint is that they can be completely pulled out of the moment with a seeming flip of the switch.

They are highly susceptible to energy shifts that are rooted in their own fears, blocks, and traumas, as well as those of their lovers, causing them to shut down as quickly and as easily as they were turned on.

If you go too fast. If you collapse the space between you, going for that kiss or genitals, it can completely shut down the arousal that has been building.

So it can be a challenge to get Energetics into a space of pleasure and keep them there.

That said, if you want to prevent pulling them out a place of arousal so that you can ride extended waves of pleasure, then you need to do your own clearing of your mind and space before even starting foreplay.

The less funk you bring to a session with an Energetic, the more deeply intimate and passionate it can be.

Steps to clean energy:

  1. Connect to your breath and the breathing of your lover. Get in synch and breathe together.
  2. Eye gaze. Softly gaze into the eye of your lover, with an open heart. Feel loving energy and send it to your lover. (Chose one eye to look into, you can’t look into both eyes at the same time)
  3. Play with the space between you and your lover. Stand apart, don’t physically touch but notice how subtle shifts between closeness and separation increase or decrease turn on.
  4. Hover your lips close to theirs without actually kissing. If you touch or kiss, does the turn on collapse?
  5. Clear the air. Using sage, palo santo, or candles with essential oils in them, you can create a completely different ambiance when you’ve allowed the energy of the day to reset. Always best to use all-natural, organic ingredients with an Energetic Type.
  6. Try yoga or meditation. Clear your mind with some meditative yoga or simply meditation on its own. This can help you get still inside and more available to feel the shifts in energy between you and another.

So, if you are clear of mind and pure of intention, your Energetic lover will be far more likely to receive you and make their offerings to you with greater clarity and fewer blocks.

If you have the pleasure of being with an Energetic, even if that’s YOU, you are in for a very special treat…as long as you learn how to fully feed, speak, heal and expand into the Energetic Blueprint.

We’ve given you a few tips in this post, but the Energetic world is rich with possibilities for pleasure and opportunities for turn on to go south quickly.

If you’re ready to take pleasure to places you didn’t even know were possible, it may be time for you to jump into our Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course. (If the course is not open when you go to the page, get on the waitlist. We love to offer special gifts to those who are on our waitlist.)

“Our compatibility has gone through the roof…how to be pleased. How to ask to be sexually pleased. How to please you (your partner) sexually. How to experience not only the orgasms we were already having and the ecstatic pleasure that we were already living, but now to have it magnify and multiply and go to whole new levels. It feels like we’re starting our relationship again!“

Satyen and Suzanne Raja

Embrace what has been buried and shamed in your body for thousands of years.

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