A Revolution of 1 – Creating a life of “Hell Yes!”

by Jaiya

There’s a lot of upheaval happening in the world right now!

The old guard is being called into question and, if you’re awake, it’s become increasingly clear that many of our old structures no longer work or serve the highest good.

Hold on to the old forms of traditional gender roles, untempered use of earthly resources and top down politics at your own peril.

Things are shifting and a higher level of consciousness is being called forth on the planet right now if we are going to survive and thrive.

It can be pretty overwhelming to think in global terms and taking political action, though worthy, can feel like a slow and distant approach to manifesting meaningful change.

This is why I invite you to being with a Revolution of 1!

Who are you? What are you?

Are you living a life that fuels you, that energizes you because you have discovered your “Hell Yesses!” and you live by them?

Or are you living someone or something else’s dream, something or someone else’s rules for what your life “should” look like?

I’ve reinvented my life a dozen or more times so far, as I shed old skins and step into new iterations of my self-expression.

When I discover a new truth, I often take huge and disruptive steps to live by this truth, because I can no longer tolerate the old ways of being.

You may or may not be willing to completely upend your life, but how many things do you tolerate that are draining your life force?

What relationship, health, financial, work and pleasure habits do you have that no longer serve you, in fact, they deplete you.

How do you get to your “Hell No!”, “No More!” and “Hell Yes!”

I turn to my body as the divining rod of my true north. My body can tell me what I need to move away from and what I need to move towards. My body can tell me what I want, desire and need and it can even tell me what I need to do next to get or receive these things.

So many of us live a life detached from our bodies.

Learn to pay attention to what your body has to say!

Here’s a template for self-discovery that Gay and Katie Hendricks teach (I don’t know if they invented this approach, but the teachers who taught me about this framework, learned it from them).

The S.E.W. method:

  • Sensation
  • Emotion
  • Want or Need

Get present to any challenge, desire, decision or conflict in your life and feel for the sensation that arises in your body when you feel into it.

Seek the specifics of the sensation.

Where do you feel the sensation(s) in your body?

Do you feel tingling, weight, muscular tension, buzzing pleasure? Is there a color associated with it, a texture, a density?

Be specific! Saying you feel “tense”, “excited” or “depressed” for example, is too general. You are seeking to describe very specifically qualities of the sensation.

Then search for the feeling associated to the sensation, i.e., Happy, Sad, Angry, Joyful or Sexual (there are many other emotions than these, but these are some of the primary emotions at the root of all of the more subtle emotions).

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What is that feeling trying to tell you?

What does the feeling have to say, what does it need from you to feel heard and seen? What does it need to feel safe and taken care of?

The body sensation is full of information and can tell you where you need to set boundaries, make requests, take better care of yourself and demand that something change in your life.

What needs to be done will make itself clear, if you listen deeply to all the parts of yourself that need to have a voice.

Your body can tell you your “No More”, your “Hell No” and your “Hell Yesses!”

What’s your “No More”?

What are you no longer willing to tolerate?

Are you no longer willing to tolerate speaking to yourself with negative thoughts and beliefs?

Are you no longer willing to tolerate others speaking or behaving towards you in dishonoring ways?

Are you no longer willing to tolerate hostility towards yourself

Are you ready to declare…

  • Empowering boundaries around touch and connection, how people speak to you and the way you and others treat your surroundings
  • That you deserve to be seen, felt and heard
  • That you deserve pleasure, connection and love

Are you ready to discover your “Hell Yesses” – the things you’re committed to being, doing and having in your life?

  • Claiming your value in your relationships and your work
  • Claiming the love and appreciation you deserve
  • Claiming your right to your own body and your pleasure

There are global revolutions happening all around us, but the first battleground is the within.

Who are you being?

Are you being true to you?

What are you?

Do you know the incredible creative and loving power that you are?

Are you the revolutionary in your own life declaring freedom and truth?

Next week, I’ll share some of our “Hell Nos” and “Hell Yesses!”

We’re on a mission and you may find what we’re up to speaks to your truth.

Until then, fill your life with pleasure, delight and love,

Jaiya and Ian

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