Go with the Flow: Using the Blueprints to create optimal flow in daily living

by Pleasure Team

You may already know that the Erotic Blueprints™ are your roadmap to pleasure and passion… but did you know that understanding what brings you pleasure and passion in the bedroom can also help you invite more pleasure and passion into your life?

The Erotic Blueprints aren’t just a framework for your sex life; its applications to life outside of the bedroom are limitless! When you embody your Blueprint Type™, it becomes something that impacts all aspects of your life. Living your Blueprint means that the seemingly unrelated parts of your life get to drip with pleasure… and there’s nothing like pleasure to make life flow with ease.

But how might you reach this flow state – this place where pleasure and ease are the norm? Read on to discover how you can create optimal flow in your day according to your Blueprint Type.

Energetic Blueprint™: The turn ons for this Blueprint are spaciousness, tease and anticipation. Consider starting off your morning by allowing yourself to simply just be in the morning. You might create more space for yourself physically by decluttering your workspace. You can also create space on your calendar by asking the question: what actually needs to be scheduled? Particularly if you’re noticing that your schedule causes contraction and short-circuiting, you might consider getting really clear on what your values and priorities are and adjusting your schedule accordingly. Create tease and anticipation by scheduling something you’re looking forward to and maybe even creating a countdown to the day.

Sensual Blueprint™: This Blueprint is about engaging all of the senses. Starting first thing in the morning, you might consider allowing your body to choose the clothes it wants to wear; this could absolutely set the tone for the day. It may serve you to have a visually pleasing calendar or planner, whether handwritten or electronic. Color coding items by category or priority might feel really fun for you. Picking pens that you enjoy the feel of how it glides on the page may be important to you. Carve out time in your day to indulge all of your senses: to truly enjoy the taste of your food, to smell the deliciousness of your cup of coffee, to massage your neck and shoulders, to gaze at the sky, to listen to the wind in the trees. Notice what happens to your ability to navigate life when you take those intentional pleasure breaks throughout your day!

Sexual Blueprint™: Since the turn ons for this Blueprint in a sexual context are the things that enable you to get right to the deed, you likely desire a certain level of structure to your day that enables you to get as many things done as possible while also being mindful of your energy. You may thrive on the more traditional approach to time management where you have a highly organized calendar to guide you. The oft-repeated time management tip of “what you want to get done must be scheduled” likely works well for you. Your propensity for getting things done may require you having things planned out hourly or even in smaller increments of time if it so titillates you.

Kinky Blueprint™: Give yourself full permission to Dom(me) yourself… and your time! This Blueprint is turned on by the taboo and since what is taboo is different for everyone, there is so much room to play in this Blueprint. What if you took the organization from the Sexual Blueprint and created a reward system for completing items on time? If you’re punishment motivated, you might consider some delicious punishments for yourself or engage a partner or trusted friend to issue rewards and punishments (with consent, of course!)

Consider (safely) disobeying the rules of daily living. If you’re running errands, go in the “Out” door at the grocery store. Maybe choose to skip wearing underwear one day. These are just a few fun ways to play in this Blueprint in daily living.

Shapeshifter Blueprint™: Are you seeing things from all of the Blueprints that you’d like to try? Follow the threads of pleasure and let yourself play with all of these techniques. If Shapeshifter is your dominant Blueprint Type, you may notice that what you need varies from day to day or even moment to moment! If you planned your day in a specific way that feeds one of the other Blueprints, you get to give yourself permission to let go of those plans and go about your day completely differently.

The above is not meant to pigeonhole you into a specific Blueprint; it’s intended to provide you with ideas about how to bring more pleasure into your day, thereby creating more flow.

The other thing to remember is that while you may have a dominant Blueprint Type, you actually have all of them. As such, even if you find yourself dominant in a particular Blueprint, it doesn’t mean that all of the suggestions for that Blueprint are all meant for you. These suggestions are not meant to be exhaustive; for example, just because an Energetic’s turn ons include spaciousness doesn’t mean that a Sexual doesn’t also need time to just be.

You get to honor your desires and needs in all aspects of daily living and when you Blueprintify your life, it gets to be oh-so-juicy with pleasure!

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