Genital Amnesia: Rediscovering Your Pleasure Pieces

by Jaiya

We live in a society where genital amnesia is the norm.

We’ve forgotten all about our sexy parts, what’s there, what they do and how to please them.

Sheri Winston, author of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, is helping us to remember the long forgotten female parts of arousal. I had the honor of teaching a genital anatomy class with Sheri, where we shed the light on the lost parts of our genitals.

It amazes me that for 20 some years of my life I walked around completely unaware of what’s “down there”. I remember the day when I discovered that I didn’t pee out of my clitoris. I was in my early 20’s and it was shocking to me that I still didn’t know the correct anatomy of my genitals.

Here I am twenty years later, a sex educator, and I’m still uncovering long lost hot spots.


Well, it seems that most of the women’s sexual parts got taken out of medical texts during the Victorian era. Only the parts had to do with reproduction were permitted in these texts (as if reproduction and sexual pleasure don’t have anything to do with one another!)

Top that off with the fact that doctors were not allowed to study female cadavers and we have a deadly mix for a lot of missing information. Then stack on a whole cultural taboo around sexuality and viola! We have genital amnesia, or what many of us sex educators call the “genital hole”.

This doesn’t just apply to women, men have long forgotten parts too.

Now you might be wondering what’s really going on in your nether regions and how to find out about them.

The sad news is that most gynecologists, doctors and even sex educators don’t have the facts about genital anatomy.

You have to do some excavating and exploring to find the truth about your body. The best way to do that is to become an erotic explorerer and discover the landscapes of arousal of your own body.

If you are a woman, I highly recommend getting Sheri’s book. Then get out a mirror and locate all of your spots:

  • Clitoral head, shaft and legs
  • Vestibular bulbs
  • Urethral opening
  • Vaginal opening
  • Inner and outer labia
  • Those are just a few of the outer hotspots waiting for you…

Then use your fingers to locate the inner realms:

  • G-spot body
  • G-spot tail
  • A-Spot
  • Perineal Sponge
  • Cervix

If you are a man, it’s important that you know that there’s a lot more to the penis that anyone has ever told you. If you’re looking to go deep, I recommend “Out in the Open – The Complete Male Pelvis” by R. Lewis Schultz.

In your male body, you’ll discover your:

  • Corpora Cavernosa
  • Corpus Spongiosum
  • Ramus
  • Glans penis
  • External and Internal sphincter
  • Frenulum

Without getting into reading books, I recommend feeling for your penis root, which is located beneath your testicles. This spot is very similar to the vestibular bulbs in the female body, it usually has a firmness to it and it is an extension of your penis.

Did you know your penis extends deeper into your body? Have you played with adding stimulation to your root?

Give it a try!

I also recommend exploring your prostate, there’s usually a lot of pleasure to be had in this area. And getting pleasure from prostate play does not indicate anything about your sexuality. It’s an opportunity for incredible satisfaction if you’re willing to discover without judgment.

Regardless of any books from any experts, you have to be your own expert.

Take back the power. Own your own body, own your own pleasure!

Explore your body on your own.

Try and experiment and take self-pleasure out of goal-oriented orgasm masturbation for a few sessions. Set a clock for 20 or 30 minutes and play with your body. Explore what gives you pleasure and what doesn’t.

With a partner take the time to learn about where things are and how things look and feel. Do the same experiment with a lover and get rid of the goal of orgasm. Set a clock and play. Take notes. Discuss!

It’s now time for us to remember and recover from our societal genital amnesia, so the generations to come will know what they’ve got and how to use it!

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