Confidently Satisfy Any Lover – Including Yourself!

by Jaiya

People often feel afraid they won’t or can’t truly satisfy their lovers.

Do you relate?

Even just a little bit?

I’ve been deeply immersed in this work for a long time now and I still have moments of insecurity about truly fulfilling my lover(s).

It’s my earnest desire to please my lover that has me wonder if I’m meeting their needs.

I’m sure you can relate to that!

This underlying fear often prohibits all parties involved from:

  • Feeling relaxed enough to experience the pleasure happening in their bodies
  • Experiencing the deep emotional connection that physical intimacy can provide
  • Expressing freely who we are and what we desire with freedom, confidence and fun!

The good news…

This lack of confidence can be resolved by increasing your competence…

  • Developing your £rotic Intelligence
  • Increasing your level of presence – to your own feelings and sensations and those of your lover’s
  • Expanding your range of skills through somatic practices and working with informed mentors and guides who understand all that goes into a successful sexual connection!

How Can You Boost Your S£xual Confidence and Competence?

One problem:

The lack of understanding that each of us has our own unique map or arousal.

We are not all the same!

What works like an ecstasy inducing charm for one person, absolutely tanks the turn-on for someone else.

If you give to your lover in the way you like to receive, you may be missing them entirely.

How do you feel when you don’t feel seen and honored?

ICK! Right?

The right technique on the wrong person can flatline that person’s pleasure. In some cases this misalignment can cause that person to shut down and even dissociate. It may actually be harmful.


The study of this variety of arousal patterns, of what and why one person gets turned on and another gets turned off by the same tool or technique, is what gave birth to The £rotic Blueprints™.

20 years of working with clients to understand these patterns, how they showed up over and over again revealed deep £rotic truths and created a revolutionary framework that honors every single type of turn on and every expression of pleasure.

This study of £rotic Blueprints crystalized into a holistic methodology that includes:

  • Becoming a detective of your own s£xual health. Are the 4 pathways to S£xual Health and Pleasure showing up in your body as obstacles?
  • Where are you in your Stage or State of Sexuality? Healing, Resting, Curious, Adventurous or Transformational
  • And practices to Heal the Shadows that can inhibit each £rotic Blueprint Type from surrendering to or voraciously claiming ecstasy, exactly how they want it!

Let’s start with the basics!

Erotic Intelligence and Bringing Your Full Presence to the Game:

When you’re able to read the physical, energetic, and emotional cues your lovers send in response to what you’re doing with them…

When you can feel and honor these sensations and emotions in your own body…

When you can respond to their desires and needs based on the deep, penetrative knowledge you have of each Blueprint…

When you consciously call out your “Yesses!” and your “Nos”, honor your boundaries and create consensual containers for erotic exploration…

You honor your own and your lover’s needs, fulfill their deepest desires and feed them in exactly the way that lights them, and you, up.

Paying attention, creating a pleasure inventory and building your skills that flip their switch, then motivates and inspires.

Confidence grows and connection deepens.

This is a pleasure loop that can create that hot magnetic attraction for a lifetime, that most of us wish to experience with our partners.

Being seen, felt and honored in our Erotic Bodies allows us to relax and open to who we truly are.

And who are we?

We are creatures created out of pleasure, whose every cell is wired for pleasure!

And your sexual confidence is boosted.

Lack of confidence is not typically an inability to perform, but rather a lack of knowledge and skill.

Be willing to discover what makes your partner(s) tick.

When you resolve that gap in what you know and what you think you know, you elevate your level of confidence.

The Power of Clarity and Deeper Understanding Through the Blueprints

Here’s a very important point…

There’s nothing wrong with you if you lack s£xual confidence!

There’s nothing wrong with you, you are not broken, if you have yet to feel connected to your own pleasure!

What’s likely true is you could simply use a deeper understanding about your pleasure body.

You could use honest, clear and factual education about the anatomy of pleasure, so you can connect with your body free from shame and dive into the vulnerability necessary to understand your lover or your future lover’s needs, wants and desires.

So you can understand, honor and enjoy your own body fully when you self-pleasure!

This cultivated presence is the foundation of Erotic Mastery!

You could study with dozens of masters in all the different expressions of sexual play: Tantra, Kink, Taoist practices, Swinger and Sex parties, Romantic Arts, and soooo much more.

In fact, diving deep into all that’s erotically possible has been a life’s journey for Jaiya and me, and we recommend finding masters to guide you deeply in the erotic arts that inspire you.


If you want to find all of this variety under one roof…

If you want to find one place where every form of consensual sexual play is recognized, honored and expressed…

If you want skills, tools, practices and techniques that satisfy each of the Blueprint Types…

If you want to study the full range of what’s erotically possible in one location, under one roof and in a conscious community that is versed in the vast possibilities of sexual expression…

The £rotic Blueprints are the only framework we know of that includes ALL OF IT UNDER ONE ROOF.

Which means The Erotic Blueprints include ALL OF YOU!

Even the parts of your sexuality you have yet to discover.

How fun!

Free Masterclass

Embodied Knowledge Makes You a Master

At any given moment, yours and your partner(s)’s Blueprints could shift or change, evolve and expand.

And if you know and understand each of the Blueprints with depth and clarity, you can satisfy any lover at any phase in their s£xuality because you have the foundation to articulate in word and deed what’s arising right now.

You have the skills to read your lover’s needs, understand and feed them where they are at.

This is the path of the Erotic Master.

Cultivate understanding in your body the language of sexual satisfaction. This can give you the sexual confidence to satisfy any and all of your lovers, present or future.

And don’t forget that you are an erotic being even when you are single.

You are your own best lover!

Waiting around for someone to play with is a deep disservice to your own sexual health and pleasure.

Keeping the Fire Lit for a Lifetime:

As we navigate the landscapes of our lives, we grow, we change, we experience things that change us emotionally, physically and sexually.

Our knowledge of the £rotic Blueprints and their holistic approach to sex can also reduce the negative effects of these sexual ebbs that have the potential to impact our relationships and our lives in undesirable ways.

Maintain that “Master” status, even through the difficult times.

Holding on to our sacred sexuality and feeding who we are through our deep connection to our pleasure keeps us resourced.

Sexual desire is the sign of your aliveness!

It can be the canary in the coal mine indicating the quality of your overall health.

Pleasure keeps us connected to our vitality, deepens our capacity to cope with stress, and helps us maintain our healthy bonds to others.

Practicing pleasure serves us in every area of our lives!

It’s scientifically proven by hundreds of studies. That scientific proof we can leave for a future blog post.

If your sexuality is important to you, why would you not study it like every other aspect of your life to which you devote attention: health, work, finance, relationship, your hobbies, etc.??

Take one step at a time.

You can accelerate your mastery of pleasure when you find experienced mentors to give you the short cuts.

Make sure the mentors you chose are trusted and trustworthy sources for information.

Make sure your mentors actually have what you want.

Make sure your mentors understand boundaries and consent.

Dive into this vast world and you will discover an endless playground of ecstatic adventure.

Excited for you!! 😉

Fill your heart with love and your life with pleasure,

Truly yours in ecstasy,


p.s. Honestly, there are many teachers out there who are great resources and guides to help you discover the skills of giving and receiving pleasure.

If it’s important to you, what we really want is for you to start your journey – with us, with someone else, that doesn’t matter.

Just begin and keep studying.

We do however believe our methodology is a revolutionary, holistic and effective training that is unparalleled in its breadth and its depth.

So we invite you to begin your journey of erotic mastery with our signature course, The £rotic Blueprint Breakthrough™!

  • Get step-by-step guidance to discover your map of arousal — what really turns you on!
  • Study video examples of how to create maximum turn-on for every Blueprint Type
  • Shed inherited and disempowering beliefs that put the brakes on your pleasure by healing your sexual shadows
  • And expand your orgasmic potential to access all that’s £rotically possible…

We do promise you will have fun and you will understand pleasure on a whole new level.

And You Get a Super Powerful Bonus when you enroll in the Course:

You get lifetime access to monthly coaching calls with master level s£xuality experts!

Imagine having two opportunities every month to get on a group call and get dialed in coaching to answer your specific questions. This is a value far beyond the tuition of the course itself.

Lifetime sex coaches at your fingertips. Holy Wow!

Click here to start your journey of s£x life mastery!

There are 5 Erotic Blueprint Types™

Which One Are You?

“Our compatibility has gone through the roof…how to be pleased. How to ask to be sexually pleased. How to please you (your partner) sexually. How to experience not only the orgasms we were already having and the ecstatic pleasure that we were already living, but now to have it magnify and multiply and go to whole new levels. It feels like we’re starting our relationship again!“

Satyen and Suzanne Raja

Embrace what has been buried and shamed in your body for thousands of years.

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