Addendum to Coach Licensing

Addendum to Coach Licensing Agreement

Blueprint Coaches, as a yearly bonus associated to your licensing contract, are granted 24 free Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Courses (EBBC) to use with your client coaching packages, group programs or other coach offerings.

In December 2022 the tuition for EBBC was raised to $1,990.00 and $690.00 for a partner's membership. In no circumstance should a Coach publicly market or sell their free courses for less than the publicly offered pricing of $1,990.00 or $690.00 for a partner's membership.

Any public marketing of your free courses must coincide with the non-discounted pricing, even if The Blueprint Breakthrough, Inc. is offering discounted pricing.

You are permitted to sell your courses directly for full market value. If the retail pricing changes at any future date, it is the Blueprint Coaches responsibility to know the current tuition and to make sure your pricing is in alignment with current market value.

You are permitted to use your free EBBCs as gifts, given directly to people of your choosing (but not advertised or marketed) or for inclusion in your probono client packages or to assist marginalized individuals or communities in having access to this work.

Should a Coach be found to be marketing or selling courses at less than full market value, they will be required to cease and desist immediately any marketing of the Courses. They will be given a reminder and warning of this policy and their license may be at risk of cancellation if appropriate remedies are not implemented within 7 days of being informed of the issue.

When using your free EBBCs to support clients or giving them as gifts, you must use one free seat for each person you are inviting into the program. THERE ARE NO SHARED EBBCs or Erotic Freedom Club (EFC) Memberships. This is critical for the safety of our EFC community.

As of January 2023, if a Coach uses all 24 Free Courses within the year and needs to purchase more courses, the Coach wholesale tuition until further notice will be $790 for a primary membership and $390 for partner or polycule additional memberships.

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