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Colorado Springs, Co/US


YOU ARE ALREADY WHOLE! Nothing to change or fix! Our only work is to DISSOLVE the shit to RECLAIM AND EMBODY YOUR EROTIC TRUTH!

My name is Christal, and I am THE PAIN TO PLEASURE ALCHEMIST, QUEEN OF EROTIC PERSONA DEVELOPMENT and POWERFUL GUIDE TO YOUR HEALING. For almost two decades I have been playing and expanding in the work where the SOUL MEETS BODY!

Through my studies, life and own pain I have found the journey to owning myself fully and completely with bravery! I have traveled the path of transformation and now what I know is that INTEGRATION AND SELF ACCEPTANCE are they keys! I help people live BADASS EROTIC EMBODIEMENTS that heal the disconnection with self. Reclaiming A SEXY LIFE OF POWER AND FREEDOM THAT ARE TANGABLE!

With me, PLEASURE IS THE PRIORITY! I help beings expand through their own sexuality, life path and soul purpose. My clients have transformations that free them into the space of their own radiant spotlight and the best part is we do it all through a safe, secure and loving container.

My purpose is to help as many beings as I can on the planet, uncover their heart and release old painful patterns that no longer serve them, so that they can live a life of pleasure, divine authenticity and wholeness.

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

My signature system is the SOUL MEETS BODY METHOD. Here we walk through deep work that supports you in clearing deep pain and potent blockages with acceleration! We do this through honoring the parts of you that are in fear, dissolving the charge around your blocks and taking mindfull steps towards a new creation and embodiment of your Erotic Persona!

The embodiment of your Erotic Persona is the most delicious part! We get to play, much in discovering loads of pleasure! Together we explore all of the turn on that your Erotic Persona desires and we BRING IT TO LIFE!!!!


Women, Gay Men


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