DISCLAIMER: The following coaches are certified Erotic Blueprintâ„¢ coaches. Individual coaches may have other licenses or certifications in various therapeutic modalities. Jaiya, Inc does not verify the authenticity of any other licensure or certification for the coaches listed below. Please contact a coach directly to find out more information about other licenses or certifications.


Christal Vison

Colorado Springs, Co/US


Living with a REBEL HEART for soul expansion and choosing PLEASURE whenever possible! Christal has been walking, working and playing in the path of spirituality, authenticity and loving fiercely for almost two decades. Soulprenuer, Reiki Master, Intuitive, Crystal Healer, Numerologist and Erotic Blueprint Coaching are her modalities in guiding beings back to their beingness!

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

Guiding beings with her signiture system. She walks her clients through the terrain of SEX-SHADOW-SOUL work! Working with singles and couples she helps beings uncover their heart, drop onto their authentic vulnerability and connect with the natural divinity and power that is their birthright. Christal most powerfully helps her fabulous clients feel their feelings and do it with bravery and presence so that they can heal the shadow self and live a wildy authentic life of pleasure!


Couples, Singles, Shadow integration, Spirituality , Soul reclamation


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