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Whitney Lowery

American Abroad (Anywhere on Zoom)


Easeful embodiment for women who are wound-up and worn-out, tense and tired, from all the work and self-improvement. And, if you're interested in applying the Erotic Blueprints to your business so you can experience more embodied and enjoyable entrepreneurship, that's my cup of tea. I support women who want to work in a more embodied way, explore their unique expression of the Erotic Blueprints, reshape their relationship with their business and bounce back from burn-out.

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

If pleasure is another chore, orgasms are another should, and your self-care feels more like self-domination and an obsession with perfection and purity (aka 'wellness'), let's talk.

Does this sound like you?
* Relaxing makes you tense.
* When you don't like something, you think you can make it work by trying harder.
* Embodiment is another thing to achieve, pleasure is another thing to perfect.
* You're so focused on getting something 'right' that you lose connection with your body and your pleasure.
* You push yourself through the day, you push yourself through self-pleasure, always focused on the next thing to do and accomplish, as if someone is keeping score.
* You're more practiced at putting your attention on everything but your body. You push your attention away from your body, onto everything outside of you.
* You're good at doing, but believe you're bad at being.
* Most of what you choose to do is rooted in the fear of falling behind.
* You cannot sense your body's signals for 'yes' and 'no' and are, therefore, cut-off from your animal body's instincts and your spirit's intuition. Which means you look to others for the 'right' way to be.
* You endure a lot of discomfort by ignoring your body and pushing through what's offensive to "get through it" and "get it over with faster," instead of tending to what's causing you to clench.
* You want to learn how to re-sensitize your body, from the surface of your skin to the more subterranean levels of your being, so that you feel more awake and alive.
* You want to relax the energetically-expensive tension you're carrying around all day and stop clenching, bracing and pushing so much.
* You want to release pent-up energy by dispersing it through your whole body, and to learn embodiment exercises that help you dance with big emotions, like despair or rage, in ways that are enlivening (not exhausting).
* You want to stop martyring yourself in the quest to make more money. Because you know it can be easier.
* You've built a business that you can no longer sustain with the same old tricks because you can't seem to force yourself to do them anymore.
* You want to feel happy (instead of resentful) about devoting your life force energy to your business.

I work primarily with Bitter Breadwinners™ whose businesses are earning $300k to 2 million per year, but they’re too exhausted to implement the successful strategies that have built their businesses, and they’re terribly stressed about feeding the beast and finding the next batch of buyers. I also work with women making $70-100k but who want to keep things simple (no team, no content calendar, etc.) and design a business that makes it possible for them to have the lifestyle they want. They don’t want to lead a successful business if that means they have to stop taking care of their body, deprioritize human relationships, and give up all the things that make life worth living. Either way, women I love to work with have often reached a point where they’re deeply questioning growth and are feeling called to strategically scale down; they’re working way too much and most of what they’re doing isn’t working anyway; they’re losing their lust for more money because they’re attracted to making enough money to feel free and at-ease.

The way I work is specific to the high-achiever, get-it-right kinda gal who's accustomed to looking outside of herself for the answers. If you're this woman, you look to experts and authority figures to give you the 'right' answer based on their preferences, gifts, abilities, and capacities (not your's). You're tense, wired and worn-out from keeping up with (and staying ahead of) everyone else so you don't miss out on the good life. You feel that your business isn't really your's anymore; it's not delivering the freedom and ease you wanted; in fact, it's the main arena where you're over-giving, over-extending, and over-doing. And, when it comes to pleasure, you don't yet understand that the 'right' way to touch your vulva is the way your vulva wants to be touched right now. You're so trained to lead and direct everything, that you have no felt-sense of what it's like to let eros lead you.

When it comes to being with your body, I want to explore: How would your self-care change if it was based on what added to your aliveness or melted your tight muscles? (Which includes honoring your limits and boundaries by saying 'no' more.) How would you exercise if you moved for your body's enjoyment instead of how you're supposed to workout? How would you pee, brush your hair, walk down the street, or cook your dinner if you were well-practiced with making the moment more pleasurable simply by sensing your body and responding? How would self-touch change if you stopped directing it and let your body lead instead?

In your business, I want to explore: How would you redesign your business if you followed the flow of energy and let eros lead you? How does an Energetic Blueprint manifest a magical business? How does a Sensual Blueprint cook up an abundant business? How does a Sexual Blueprint win in her business? How does a Kinky Blueprint harness the power of the taboo to prosper? And how does a Shapeshifter channel an erotic artist in her work so that she flourishes?

How I work:

I offer single-sessions for embodiment training. To get a picture of what sessions look like, imagine a pleasure-based movement studio class where you and I are the only ones in the room, and everything is personalized to your body’s preferences. My Bliss Body sessions are for raising your ceiling for the good feelings, which is especially helpful for women who feel their in their head too much and their body too little. I also offer Shapeshifting sessions where you bring a situation where you're showing up in a way you don't like, and you practice embodying how you'd rather be (through movements, postures and body-language) to unstuck yourself from old patterns.

I can also coach you through the Erotic Blueprints course through the lens of woman-ing your way AND working in a more embodied way. You'll watch the course videos on your own, then I support you with practicing exercises so that you live the lessons (not just ‘know’ the material), apply the Blueprints to your business, and shape the ideas to make more sense for you. This way, you’re not following the shoulds and supposed-tos of each Blueprint (expectations and assumptions like: Energetics enjoy yoga, Sensuals melt during deep-tissue massages, Kinky people love latex and leather and being spanked, etc.) but you’re finding your own way to express your erotic energy. So, rather than shaping yourself to the Blueprint material, you reshape it to suit you.

If you don't want 1:1 support, but are looking for self-led embodiment experiences that are informed by the Blueprints, I am actively creating different mini-courses and playshops. Browse the recordings on my site, as I'm always coming up with new classes.


1:1 virtual coaching on embodiment