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Fauna Gold (they/she)

Albuquerque, NM USA and virtually worldwide


The sensitivity and pain of trauma *can* become a superpower. Surviving can become thriving. Authentic safety, love, and pleasure is the healing balm that makes miraculous healing and awakening possible.

Hi kindred, I'm a proud surthriver & Pleasure & Plant Witch, and I will take a stand alongside you for your birthright of healing, expansion, and reclamation. I play in the space of ritual, kink, tantra, ecosexuality, consensual nonmonogamy, genderqueerness, and holistic body care. I am certified as an Advanced Clinical & Somatic Herbalist through the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine, Evolutionary Astrologer, Orgasmic Arc ™ and Erotic Blueprint™ coach, and Accelerated Evolution Guide. As a gently fierce surthriver of CPTSD, I bring deep empathy and a trauma-informed approach to coaching. Depth and joy are my gifts, and I will stand with you as you catalyze the f out of your limiting beliefs, old pains and blockages if you're ready to step into your next alchemical transformation. All of my clients get bonuses of delicious herbal aphrodisiac caramels, chocolates, and syrups as well as deep clinical herbal, nutritional, and intuitive support for their vitality. When we expand our pleasure capacity, the body and the nervous system often need extra TLC to recalibrate and meet the next layer of aliveness.

My soul's greatest delight is to hold impeccable space for the healing and reclamation this work facilitates.

May all people, of all genders and sexualities, be free and celebrated in their erotic aliveness.

The time is now for humxnity to ride this wave of the pleasure revolution. Are you in?

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

My frequency of erotic alchemy catalyzes visionaries, leaders (who I define as folx who choose to take responsibility for their lives), creative geniuses and magicians of all genders and sexual identities to unlock their erotic power. Often the vastness of their eroticism and their own potential for magic can feel overwhelming, and I am committed to creating a judgement and shame free space for diverse backgrounds and cosmologies amongst my clients. As a surthriver of CPTSD, I bring powerful empathy and trauma-informed practices and somatic tools into my coaching practice, and I love holding strong space for the blossoming of post-traumatic growth.

In my clinical & somatic herbal practice, I often help folx who are struggling with chronic fatigue, digestive complaints, hypothyroidism, histamine intolerance, biotoxin illness, Lyme and co-infections, and other chronic conditions that impact sexual vitality. I am also an astrologer, numerologist, and Human Design nerd, and weave in medical astrology, relationship synastry, and life direction insights into my coaching for those who desire that layer of support.


CPTSD, trauma, herbal and nutritional wellness and health support, alchemizing pain into power through pleasure, medicine, ceremony, integration, ritual, kink, tantra, astrology, human design, bodywork, immersion, grief work and ritual


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