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Dianna Germany

Houston, Texas


I have been given a life rich in love, loss, and building anew; the results of which have been profound self-discovery and growth. My twenty two year love affair was cut short by untimely widowhood at 39. While working through my grief, I was forced to reconnect the severed connection between my body and heart through somatic exercises and counseling. I then began to explore newly emerging interests and curiosities surrounding sex and intimacy.

When I discussed my newfound eroticism, I found that conversations about sexual exploration were taboo, especially in people “over a certain age” (like 35!) I also discovered that once people warmed up to those discussions, they had so many questions for me, and I was honored they felt comfortable asking.

My life experience has been robust, and I decided to formalize my education by certifying in the Erotic Blueprints. This framework provides a fantastic place to begin your journey into creating a deeply satisfying life of intimacy and connection either as a single person learning to navigate their world post-loss or divorce or a couple wanting to explore and expand their relationship.

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

-Are you re-entering the dating scene after the end of a long term relationship
-Are you desiring an expansion of your own eroticism while cultivating skills and confidence to improve intimacy in future relationships?

For those currently in a relationship:
-Do you want to rekindle the spark or even repair a rupture that is keeping you at arm’s length from each other?
-Perhaps you want to explore outside-the-box forms of intimacy and connection?
-Maybe you are ready to invite conscious kink into your life through power dynamic play or other forms of BDSM?


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