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Phoenix Jessica Mendelsohn

Sydney, Australia


Meet Phoenix. Her decade with a global management consulting firm, and her journey back to herself through reclaiming her sexuality, gives her a unique view of sex, truth and power. Ready to be unleashed, gain deep self-knowledge and pleasure and live next level? Then come play...

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

I guide women who have spent their lives achieving, but have lost themselves and the pulse of their desire along the way, to reclaim their fire. Experience a unique journey that will empower you to plug deeply into yourself, shed old conditioning and re-write your story so it's uniquely yours. One with your deepest desires and all the "naughty bits" left in. Where you feel alive from the bedroom, to the boardroom and everywhere in between.


Empowerment and Sexuality Guide. Includes: empowerment, inner wisdom, embodiment, authentic leadership, claiming your sexuality, releasing shame, shadow work, mind-body connection. Frameworks: erotic blueprints, accelerated evolution, feminine frequency formula.


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FB: Phoenix Ignited | Insta: phoenix.ignited