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Tosh Patterson

Playa del Carmen, Mexico & Online Worldwide


Tosh (she/her) is a Life & Pleasure Coach specializing in Erotic Blueprints™ and Bodysex Method by Betty Dodson. She helps busy women de-stress and RECLAIM PLEASURE via 1:1 coaching and retreats. She'll show you how to reconnect with your vulva and love your body in order to have more erotic pleasure AND satisfaction.

Plus Tosh authored two books (Available on Amazon):
✨ The Path to Pleasure: A Black Woman's Guide to Healing Her Inner Goddess, Igniting Her Spirit, & Awakening Her Pleasure (second edition coming Feb 2024)

✨ Work Less, Travel More: 50 Savvy Tips to Help Busy Professional Women Experience More Freedom & Happiness

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

Tosh teaches exhausted women tools & strategies to REDUCE STRESS & SIMPLIFY LIFE.

The result? More time. More freedom. More space for GUILT-FREE PLEASURE.

So, of course, she can show you how to EMBRACE MORE EASE in the boardroom and EMBODY MORE PLEASURE in the bedroom. If you're on a pathway to self-discovery and ready to AWAKEN PLEASURE, please connect with Tosh.

If you want
...to work with Tosh (via virtual 1:1 packages and transformative VIP Immersion Retreats in Mexico)
...to hire Tosh for speaking engagements, conferences, podcasts
...then please 🌸 SCHEDULE A CALL: https://calendly.com/toshpatterson/call 🌸


Self-Pleasure, Body love, Women, Black Women,