Kevin Hart

California, USA/ Bali, Indonesia


After 15 years in the corporate world, in 2019 I left to follow my passion in the world of eroticism. My personal journey to me from an unconscious, starving Shapeshifter with shameful challenges around ejaculation to a fully fed, empowered/embodied/educated erotic being with strong sexual self-mastery. I feel inspired to be in service spreading conscious and empowered sexuality, and to help heal the rift between masculine and feminine. I am a Certified Erotic Blueprints Coach and have a background in Tantric and Taoist practices, and will finish my Sexological Bodywork training in April 2020, all of which weave into my offerings as a coach.

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

Online, I currently serve:
-cisgender men and heterosexual cis-couples, ages 25-50, experiencing sexual disconnection and/or wanting more from their sex lives, and/or feel stuck in patterns that are holding them back.
-penis-bodied individuals of all ages seeking to gain more awareness/ knowledge/ control/ general up-leveling of their sexuality. This includes men with challenges around early/delayed ejaculation and erection difficulties, or just wanting to feel greater pleasure/ expanded orgasms.

In-person, I provide additional Tantra and Sexological Bodywork services for cisgender women and men across a wide range of indications, please contact me to discuss further.


Sexual self-mastery, erotic touch, sexual empowerment/embodiment, sacred sexuality


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Other Contact

+1-435-649-9399 (whatsapp only)