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The basis of our coaching work is based on consent and boundaries. It is imperative that you respect the BP coach when reaching out to them for consultation. BP coaching is not for you if you cannot respect boundaries.

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Northeast Pennsylvania and Online Worldwide


Rhonda Rabbitt, embodying authenticity as a lifestyle and leader, so that we dare to explore our wholeness as sexual, spiritual, expressive humans, individually & collectively with courage, curiosity & compassion. What joy, peace, passion & liberation!

I create safe space to discover radiant truth within the circle of learning.
• I hold a doctorate in Educational Leadership & Change, degrees in Secondary Education, Spanish, Business, and am certified in organizational excellence & quality management.

• I am trained as an Erotic Blueprint Coach, Certified Temple Body Artist, Human Garage Lifestyle Artist, Certified Guided Energy Medicine practitioner, Shamanic Sound Healer, with studies in Tantra Mastery, Gene Keys, Jeweled Womb Medicine, Navigating the Spiral & Accelerated Evolution as highlights.

Personally, I have found it’s more than credentials that matter, it’s the self-leadership into the unknown, the discomfort, and the shadow experience which can lead to mastery & bliss.

Why am I here?
Outwardly successful, four years ago, I found myself barely surviving, burnt-out, hopeless & alone. Shortly thereafter, at EBBP, I rediscovered the spark within myself. I innovated a pathway of liberation, and now I am passionate to help others find their own way to ecstasy.
• I needed to let go of the masks I wore to protect, to achieve, to control and to blame.
• I had to get honest and become vulnerable, to heal and regain contact with myself.
• I needed to get curious about what I did and didn’t know, the biases and assumptions I held, and the limiting stories I told myself.
• In short, I needed to find all the hidden parts of myself!
What I discovered has been sheer gold! Bliss in the body and a new life began to unfold.

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

I am here to work with anyone who is curious & serious to learn about their sexuality and how it fits into their overall life experience.
• If you are interested in expanding your pleasure and transferring that radiance into your daily life.
• If you are tired of control, exhaustion, distraction, & emptiness, (loss of satisfaction).
• If you are curious because you know, there has to be more!
Then work with me for self-discovery, pleasure and harmony. Where you can find more peace, play, passion and belonging. New life begins in the body.

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Creating a safe space. Encouraging discovery & mirroring. Maintaining questioning & caring. Relationship building. Guiding a deeper experience. Breath work. Body connectivity. Shadow work. Generating shifts within people.


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