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Penelope Neckowitz, PhD

greater Philadelphia area, PA


Penelope Neckowitz, PhD is a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™, an Embodied Female Pleasure™ facilitator, a senior level licensed PhD psychologist and therapist, and a long time pleasure researcher and pleasure activist. She is committed to helping women connect to their erotic life force energy and live more freely with less shame and greater freedom of expression and greater pleasure. She has a program for women who are 5-10 years post cancer treatment called Lost and Found and her signature program for menopausal and postmenopausal women is Women Coming of Age.

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

I am passionate about helping menopausal and postmenopausal women connect to their changing bodies. This is a profound time for women, a time when women feel confused about whether they will have access to pleasure in their bodies. I work both virtually and in person to guide women through embodiment exercises and somatic experiences to reconnect to pleasure in their newly changing bodies. Using the erotic blueprints as a guide, as well as my invaluable expertise as a therapist, the women I work with find new avenues to pleasure within their bodies and orgasmic confidence. They learn to negotiate boundaries, ask for what they need and create relationships with both themselves and with partners that are deeply satisfying.

I also have worked extensively with women with cancer and have developed a model in which I view cancer as a trauma in the body. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I have developed ways to help women deal with the trauma and ongoing changes brought on by cancer, to grieve their losses, and to find new pathways to pleasure within their bodies which helps to promote their healing.

I work both one on one and in groups with clients, and offer bespoke VIP programs that meet your particular unique needs.


healing trauma, nervous system regulation, women's health, body image, perimenopause, sex and pleasure after menopause, connecting to pleasure after cancer, intimacy and sexuality in long term relationships, teaching orgasmic confidence


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