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Juliette Karaman- van Schaardenburg

United Kingdom, worldwide by Zoom or in person VIP immersions


As a mother of 4, I understand how caring for others, along with our conditioning from childhood: about who and what we think we need to be for the people we care for, can hinder both emotional and sensual intimacy. I know from experience that focusing only on the needs of others can have far-reaching effects, including severe physical illness and emotional despair. As part of my healing journey, I became devoted to learning how to honour my responsibilities while at the same time experiencing joy, ecstasy, and true fulfilment.

I have spent the last few decades specialising in the process of alchemy and supporting clients to master the art of turning pain into gold.

Through a process of personal transmutation and a vast collection of training and tools, I have developed a unique method that will bring about the reinvention of the two most intimate relationships in your life….


Besides being a Master Erotic Blueprint™ coach, an Accelerated Evolution™ Master Coach and Trainer, Orgasmic Meditation ™ teacher and coach, a death doula, a clinical hypnotherapist, an EMDR therapist, I have coached and mentored hundreds over the past 15 years with a myriad of different modalities, including Tantra, Shamanism, NLP , CBT, conscious kink and BDSM, Emotional Freedom Technique and Spinal Attunement.

My toolbox and knowledge is extensive in order to best serve my clients - and through this I have created my unique method, that I use with my clients for the most Rapid Release, Rewiring & Restoring of the emotions in the psyche AND body!

My podcast, The Scrumptious Woman, has showcased some of the world's change makers and leaders and ranks in the top 2.5 % globally. It has had over 333000 downloads since I started it on July 2024.

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

I work with women, and couples, in long-term relationships who feel stuck for various reasons. They often feel they have lost intimacy with themselves and each other. They feel disconnected and may not even realise that (sexual) trauma is keeping them back from what they truly want; their deepest, most heartfelt desires for true connection.
Through either 1 on 1 VIP coaching and VIP days, group programmes, masterminds and retreats, my clients reignite intimacy, regain confidence, and, discover pleasure. They have stronger communication skills, know how to ask for what they desire and their relationships thrive. The relationships they have with their children and coworkers start to flourish too.
That is the beauty of this work! Once you start to FEEL more and embody happiness and pleasure, it starts to show up in ALL parts of your life!


Sexual Trauma, BDSM, Grief couples in long term relationships, corporate women who want to reclaim their erotic feminine power in a male dominated workplace.


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