Jaiya, Inc. is committed to Anti-Racism, Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, Inclusivity, and Diversity, as a company and as a community. It is a commitment we have had before the urgency of the current moment, and we will remain committed when the spotlight inevitably fades. We support the missions of the Human Rights Campaign and the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

As a company and community, we are committed to including the voices of underrepresented and marginalized people, specifically those in communities facing institutionalized injustice. We seek to actively engage our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities to speak for themselves, consult with us, and advise our community on navigating these complex issues, so we are empowered to create real, lasting, and holistic change.

We will continue to continue to work with a restorative justice model to guide our processes when there are infractions or ethical complaints against Jaiya, Inc.’s leadership, staff, volunteers, vocational trainees, or licensed Blueprint Coaches.



Federal and State laws prohibit discrimination toward the following categories of persons, and Jaiya, Inc. applies the same policies:

  • Age
  • Religion
  • Race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, or ancestry
  • Disability or medical history
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Pregnancy, maternity, or paternity
  • Gender identity or expression
  • Sexual orientation
  • Body type or size
  • Any other characteristic protected by law



Discrimination is any negative action or attitude directed toward someone because of protected characteristics. These actions may include direct actions that are deliberately discriminatory or may involve practices or procedures that appear neutral that disadvantage marginalized groups of people. Marginalized groups are those groups of people who, based upon their protected identity, experience less ease in their lives.

We recognize that sometimes discrimination is unintentional, as we may all have unconscious biases that could be difficult to identify and overcome. If, in Jaiya Inc’s sole discretion, we conclude for any given incident that a person’s discrimination or bias was unintentional, we will support them, to the extent legally allowed, through training and coaching and implement processes that mitigate such biases. However, if this person shows an unwillingness to change their behavior or if in Jaiya Inc’s sole discretion there is some other reason to do so, we may temporarily or permanently remove them from the community.



Harassment consists of unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct that is based on protected characteristics. It may include, but is not limited to, actions such as the use of epithets, slurs, negative stereotyping, jokes or threatening, intimidating or hostile acts that relate to gender identity, race, age, disability, or any other protected categories, including, but not limited to, those listed above. Harassment also may include written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility toward an individual or group based on protected characteristics, whether that material is sent by email, messaging application, or a forum post.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can involve unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature. It can involve conduct by a person of any gender toward a person of the same or any other gender.


Expected Behavior

Jaiya, Inc. expects everyone in the community and all participants in Jaiya, Inc. activities, events, or meetings to conform to the following code of conduct:

  • Respect others and their views
  • Recognize and value individual differences
  • Be sure you do not engage in aggressive, bullying, or intimidating behavior
  • Do not engage in discriminatory or harassing behavior
  • Consent in Communication within our community: if you wish to reach out to an individual in our community through any available means (private message, email, ), we require of our members that you first ask if the person is willing to receive direct communication from you. If and only if they say “yes”, are you permitted to contact them. If at any time any person revokes their willingness to receive direct communications from you, you must comply with their change of consent and stop communicating directly with them. See community agreements for additional aspects of how we utilize consent to create a safer space for everyone in the community.


Unacceptable Behavior

Jayia, Inc. is a business that values the open and authentic expression of the issues facing people and their sexual journeys. This code of conduct is not intended to restrict free and open expression but rather is concerned with preventing unacceptable behavior, as detailed below. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Discriminatory or harassing speech or actions, including cyberbullying or cyber harassment, in the community or by any participant in a Jaiya, activity, event or meeting, including all related activities or one-on-one communications surrounding the Jaiya, Inc. activity, event, or meeting
  • Harmful or offensive (for instance: imagery or words promoting a harmful stereotype) verbal or written comments or visual images related to protected characteristics. Depictions of consensual activities are excluded from this Consent is defined as freely given, revocable, informed, enthusiastic and specific.
  • Use of nudity and/or sexual images in violation of media platform rules
  • Bullying or stalking
  • Harassing photography or recording
  • Uninvited sexual attention or contact
  • Physical assault (including uninvited touching or groping)
  • The real or implied threat of physical harm (Without the direct consent of all parties in the context of consensual play/kinky context)


How to address harassment

If you’re being harassed by anyone, you may choose to talk to any of these people:

Offenders. If you suspect that an offender doesn’t realize they are guilty of harassment, you may choose to talk to them directly in an effort to resolve the issue. This tactic may only be appropriate for cases of minor harassment (e.g. inappropriate jokes). The desired approach in our community is one of “calling in” (inviting the person or people into a compassionate conversation of awareness of the behavior and how to adjust said behavior) as opposed to “calling out’ the person or people in the forms of shaming or casting judgment on their actions. If you have any concerns about directly contacting the offender or feel threatened in any way, please reach out immediately to Jaiya, Inc. staff as detailed below.

Jaiya, Inc. Staff. Feel free to reach out to Jaiya, Inc. staff at jaiya@missjaiya.com in any case of harassment no matter how minor it may seem. For your safety, contact Jaiya, Inc. as soon as possible in cases of serious or ongoing harassment or if community leadership is involved in your claim. Anything you disclose will remain confidential.

If you are uncomfortable addressing any situation directly with the ‘offender’, with the Jaiya, Inc. team or with our diversity council, you can directly Contact our restorative justice practitioner Diana Adams at diana@dianaadamslaw.net. 

Diana M. Adams, Esq.
Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC
Phone 347-994-9529
Fax  347-493-3552
Pronouns: They/Them Honorific: Mx.


What to do in cases of discrimination

If you are the victim of discriminatory behavior (or if you suspect that others are being discriminated against,) please inform Jaiya, Inc. as soon as possible. Jaiya, Inc. is responsible for hearing your claim, investigating the issue, and determining consequences.

Consequences for discriminatory behavior depend on the severity of the offense and will be administered at the sole discretion of Jaiya Inc. unless the issue legally requires the involvement of any outside parties…


Anonymous Reporting

If you are the victim of discriminatory or harassing behavior or if you suspect that others are being discriminated against or harassed, and you wish to report your complaint anonymously, Jaiya, Inc. has engaged Diana Adams, a restorative justice attorney. Contact Diana Adams at diana@dianaadamslaw.net to report your complaint.



Jaiya, Inc. will not tolerate retaliation against any individual who complains of unacceptable behavior under this code of conduct. It will take every step necessary and appropriate to ensure that retaliation does not occur, and if it believes that retaliation has occurred, Jaiya, Inc. will take immediate action to stop the retaliation.