Path to Passion

February 17th – 19th, 2017

Jaiya is not only an expert in the field of sexuality, but also an excellent speaker, with a background in theatrical arts and entertainment. She has appeared on national television, mainstream radio and film as a Sex Expert. She has also lectured and trained students at colleges across the nation.

Topics Include:

    • Female Sexual Empowerment- Sexual Abuse Prevention
    • Erotic Massage
    • Sex, Drugs and Alcohol- Why they don’t mix.
    • Sexuality 101- Jaiya answers all your questions
    • Dating and Relationships
    • Sexual Pleasure and Health
    • G-Spot, P-Spot, A-Spot- Sexual Anatomy for Pleasure
    • Control Your Orgasm For Men
    • Sacred Sexuality (Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic Practices)
    • Overcoming Cultural Conditioning for Shame Free Sexuality
    • Sexual Charisma- Be A Leader and Manifest Your Desires
    • The Truth About Female Ejaculation
    • Discover Your Core Erotic Blueprint

Jaiya offers no-holds-barred advice stemming from years of education and personal experience. Audiences fall in love with her girl-next-door style and open sexuality. She is available for evening lectures, smaller break-out sessions, and day long training.

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