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The basis of our coaching work is based on consent and boundaries. It is imperative that you respect the BP coach when reaching out to them for consultation. BP coaching is not for you if you cannot respect boundaries.

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Rachel Howard

Dallas, TX USA


My name is Rachel and my evolution to becoming an Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Coach began because of my past trauma (including incest/rape and being raised Southern Baptist), My determination to heal myself led me on an exploration of different healing modalities (and multiple certifications), including Tantra, Healing Toxic Emotions, Repairing Core Fractures, EFT/Tapping, LoveJoy Technique (hypnosis), Yoga, meditation and breath/shamanic work. All of those techniques helped me heal so I am using them to help others.

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

I empower you to release guilt, shame, blame and/or trauma around your sexuality and sense of self. Through my many modalities and based on who you are and what you have experienced, I help you embrace your power and help you to bring more pleasure into your life in every way- not just sexually.


Tantra, Trauma, Wholeness, Empowerment


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