I love New Year's, it's a time for us to start all over again.  We can let go of the past and think fondly of the future.  We set goals and resolutions so that we can be better human beings.

Most people make the same old resolutions: lose weight, find soulmate, make more money, improve health…

I'm going propose something radical here.  What if, by setting a New Year's resolution of improving your sex life, you could lose weight, find or connect more deeply with your soulmate, improve your health and yes, even make more money!

Here are some reasons why I believe your New Year's resolution should include your sexuality:

1- Sex is Great For Your Health:  Dr. Braverman, author of Younger Sexier You, says that couples who have sex 3 times per week increase the number of years that they live.  Studies have shown that orgasm boosts your immune system, lowers pain, improves prostate health, improves pelvic floor health… and oh, so much more.  And during sex your sex hormones get boosted.  Your sex hormones are your health and vitality hormones.  If you feel great, if you feel alive, then you are more likely to lose weight, connect and make more money!

2- Sex is Great Exercise-  Sex burns 150 to 250 calories in 30 minutes.  Have sex for 2 hours and you just burned approximately 1000 calories.  I don't know about you but I think I'll opt for the sex diet…have sex, burn calories, eat aphrodisiacs, feel great, have more orgasms.  Want to lose weight?  Have more sex and eat sexy foods!

3- Sex Increases Your Beauty-  Have you ever looked in the mirror after a great romp underneath the sheets?  Your cheeks glow, your hair is all flowing and messy, your pupils are dilated…ah, the sex look.  It's a good look.  Sex helps you relax (which boosts health) and increases the flow of sex hormones.  According some Taoist traditions oral sex for women actually helps them rejuvenate and look younger.  So for those of you wanting to increase your desirability to the opposite sex, self-pleasure might do the trick.  Seriously, when you keep yourself juicy, you keep yourself charismatic and attractive.  Try it.

4- Sexual Energy Helps You Manifest Your Desires-  Yes, I've talked about this before, but it's so true.  At least in my experience.  In the book Thing and Grow Rich, the author Napoleon Hill has an entire chapter (chapter 11) on using sexual energy to awaken creativity and to become more wealthy.  Margot Anand, speaks of Sex Magic, to help you manifest that soulmate, that better job, or a more fulfilling life.  This stuff works…I've manifested some amazing things in my life! It's almost eerie.

5- Sex Gives Your Relationship Love and PASSION:  When you have sex with your partner you show that you love them.  More sex begets more connection.  If you are withholding sex you are withholding loving connection.  Sex helps you keep your relationship passionate.  (LISTEN to my NEW YEAR's show on Keeping It Hot In 2012)

Here are some of my sex resolutions for the New Year:

-101 days straight of sex with my partner Ian

-To live my mission of helping others unleash erotic ecstasy

-To embody erotic aliveness

-To continually be discovering all that is erotically possible (research)

-To help shift the world view of sexuality as something that is bad or wrong into something to be cultivated and celebrated

-To love my body and see my inner and outer beauty each day

-To take care of my sexual health and vitality by exercising and eating excellent foods

-To love openly, deeply and fully

-To eye gaze, hold hands, and give weekly erotic massages

I could go on and on and on, but these give you a good starting point…

Let me know.  How can I support you in the New Year?  How might we start a community that supports each others sexual resolutions in 2012.

And, hey, if 2012 is the end of the world, or as I prefer to say the transformation of the world…why not do it with orgasms?