For the past year I’ve been playing around with idea of ravishment. As a woman I LOVE to be ravished by my partner; to be taken; to be devoured.

Are you a woman dying to be “taken,” to be ravished by your partner? Guys, do you want to learn how to “take” them without worrying about hurting them or getting too rough? Or visa versa, I know many guys who want to be taken, and it can be fun to reverse roles.

I think ravishment might be my new passion! I’ve tested these tricks out with my private students and they have reported rave results! Now I want to share these rules with YOU!

3 Rules for Ravishing

Rule #1: Setting Safety- It’s important that you both agree on who is ravishing who, and setting safety words if you need to pause or stop. I like using colors. Green means keep going, yellow means pause, and red means stop. Your physical space needs to be safe as well. I like to play on either a large mattress or the Liberator Escape™.

Rule #2: Security Sandwiches- It’s important that if you are doing the ravishing that you help your partner feel like you really have them. Setting safety helps with verbal security, but you have to tell their body that it is safe. You do this with your body and your hands. You have to send the message “I’ve got you,’ to them. Do this by placing your hands on large bony parts of the body: shoulders, hip bones, skull. Use these bones as handles.

Rule #3: Surrender & Struggle- The person being ravished can control when they fully surrender and when they want to struggle against being taken. This is an art to practice and play with. As the ravisher is holding a hip or shoulder, the person being taken is playing with either allowing the ravisher to move them, or struggling against them.

Practice at home and let me know how it works for you on Facebook. Don’t be afraid to get crazy!

Know someone who needs a little ravishment in their life? Feel free to pass this along, they’ll thank you!