SmIceQueen2Happy Halloween everyone! Yes, it’s that time of year where we get to dress up all spooky and sexy. Halloween is an opportunity to shed your everyday self and become a superhero, a seductive vampire or a zombie for a few hours.

To an alien species visiting Earth for the first time, Halloween must resemble a kind of sexy war. People and monsters stumble through the streets, slick with blood, knives plunged into body parts, while erotic nurses bounce between divisions, doing a terrible job of triage.

What fantasy role will you play this year? Are you wanting to trick or treat your Lover this Halloween? Looking for ways to spice up more than just your apple cider? Let’s explore some fun ways that you can do just that this Halloween!

Halloween is a perfect time for a little role play in the bedroom. You have the excuse to use costumes and personify the character you are dressing as. Do you want to be a vampire and suck her blood? Or are you a spicy vixen? Who are you currently in the bedroom? Who do you want to be? Now is the time to embrace who you want to be and unleash them.

Take a look at this video where D. Love and I work together to communicate about what roles we would like to play, and what roles we would like the other to play. This episode is a great workshop that allows you to follow along. I highly encourage you to watch it with your Lover to help you to uncover the magic of role playing.

Did you know that chocolate contains a feel-good ingredient that you produce when you first fall in love? Yep, it’s called PEA. Pure chocolate is one of my favorite aphrodisiacs. I’m not talking the stuff you buy in the store. You can get Halloween chocolate molds in many baking stores… and even gold wrapping papers for them. Make your own aphrodisiac chocolates at home. Here is one of my favorite recipes that uses an aphrodisiac blend called Hot Rawks:

Super Spicy Chocolate
1/4 Cup of Cacao Paste
1/4 Cup of Cacao Butter
7 capsules of Hot Rawks
1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
1/4 teaspoon of Salt
1/4 teaspoon of Black Pepper
15 Goji Berries
Vanilla Stevia
Chocolate Stevia
Xylitol Powder
Puffed Quinoa
Spring Dragon Gynostemma Tea

Melt cacao paste and butter in the oven or over a double broiler. While you are waiting for cacao to melt make the Gynostemma Tea. Soak the Goji terries in the tea with a dropper of vanilla stevia. Once the chocolate is melted add xylitol to sweeten. Next add Hot Rawks, cayenne, salt and pepper. Stir vigorously to make sure it is well mixed. Pour into chocolate molds. Only fill the molds half way. Place 3-4 Goji berries in each chocolate. Top with remaining chocolate. Let this stand for 5 minutes, then put Puffed quinoa on top and place directly in fridge or freezer. After the chocolates set, enjoy eating them throughout the day!

Here’s another recommendation for getting spicy this Halloween.

Try something new. If your erotic alter ego carries a paddle, play with it…with consent of course. Now is the prefect time if you’ve always wanted to try something new. There are lots of fetish Halloween parties this time of year, and sensual play parties happening in some cities, if you really want to dive into the deep end. Novel things help to keep a sex life hot, spicy and healthy!

So this Halloween I encourage you to add something to your costume that allows you to interact sensually with another person. That might mean wearing a spiked bracelet, wearing something furry that everyone wants to touch, carrying feathers which you stroke over your skin enticing others to feel such feathery softness. If you have a partner, you can take them home and while you ravish them use this furry, fluffy, feathery sensation item on every inch of their delicious skin, leaving kisses where the item left off.

Want to take it a step further? Tie them up and blindfold them while you give them a sensational time with your sensory item! Feed them some of that chocolate that have the recipe for! That’s giving them a trick and a treat!

So what is another thing you can do this Halloween to make it extra spicy?

Games are frequently played at Halloween parties. But how about giving them a sexy twist?

Truth or Dare: Always a sexy game! Keep it sexual the entire time…daring them to take off a bit of their costume, daring them to kiss you somewhere naughty, etc, etc.

Bobbing for Genitals: Tie their hands behind their back or use hand cuffs. Have your Lover kneel in front of you and give you some oral pleasure as they are down there! Super fun! (For a tasty treat, use some Peppermint Tingle Aloe Cadabra!)

Trick or Treat Role Play: Have your lover come to the door in their costume. They call trick or treat. You describe to them the treat that you have prepared for them ask them to come in. Lead them to the bedroom and give them their treat! You get the idea!

Chocolate Massage: Make your lover the Treat by massaging them in pure chocolate butter! I mix organic coconut oil together with raw cacoa butter (it’s the white stuff. You can find both at the health food store). This is as awesome as an edible massage oil that smells like coconut and chocolate combined! And it can be used as a lubricant!

Sensory Game: You know that game you play at Halloween parties where you close your eyes and stick your fingers in a bowl of grapes said to be eyeballs? Try the same thing, only super sexual. Turn off the lights, blindfold your Lover, and make them guess what body part of yours they are touching with their mouth! You could also feed them interestingly exotic foods. Keep the game fun and sexy!

So many possibilities! How will YOU explore everything that is erotically possible this Halloween?!