touch enhance (1)I’m a firm believer in the power of touch.  Everyone needs to be touched, yet we live in a touch-deprived society.  Sensual touch from someone we love is the most powerful form of touch there is.  It can heal, it can soothe, it can arouse.  Touch may be the single most important thing for your relationship.
I’ll never forget a story someone once told me about the power of touch to transform feelings.  It goes like this.  There was once a young woman who hated her mother -in- law.  She disliked the woman so much that she went to the local alchemist to have him create a poison to kill her.  The alchemist made a poisonous salve and told the young woman to massage it into her mother-in- law’s skin every night for 30 days.  After 15 days, the woman came to the alchemist begging him to give her a “cure” for the poison.  She now loved her mother-in-law and couldn’t believe that she might have actually caused her harm.  The alchemist explained to the young woman that the salve wasn’t poison at all; it was simply a way to get her to change her feeling about her mother-in-law through touch.  Touching someone regularly keeps us loving them.  Touch someone you love (or don’t love) tonight.

Here are seven ways that touch can enhance your relationship:
1.) Learning how to touch each other involves learning how to communicate more effectively with one another.  Touching and talking opens the door for you to share your likes and dislikes when it comes to sex.  When you learn effective communication it helps all aspects of your relationship.
2.) Through touch, couples can stay deeply connected and actually build intimacy because sensual touch is the language of comfort and intimacy.
3.) Taking time to learn about the unique ways your partner receives pleasure is a demonstration of love.
4.) Sensual touch produces “feel good” hormones that enhance the natural bonding of couples.
5.) Massaging your partner before sexual activity enhances relaxation which allows for deeper more pleasurable orgasms. Orgasms can keep you together.
6.) Focusing on the sharing of sensual touch during lovemaking combined with deep breathing, can keep couples from falling into patterns.  Staying out of patterns keeps your sex life hot and your relationship fresh.
7.) Stimulating erogenous zones through light, slow touch creates a full body sensual experience that also builds trust between you and your partner. (Check out my video Erogenous Zones & Orgasmic Massage)