Every time I watch this I cry!  It brings me great hope that we can create a world where women feel safe and free to express their sexuality.  See a few days ago I was attending a conference where I got clear on my BIG WHY.  There are many reason why I help people to have hot juicy sex lives, but at this event I got clear on a world I’d like to see in my lifetime.

This is a world where women are free to be sexually open and in their full radiance.  They can shine forth without fear of judgement, shame, or worse, sexual abuse.  And yet, at the same time, men are not emasculated for their desires.  Men are the protectors of this radiance and are able to appreciate it and desire it for the beautiful thing that it is.

So I invite you to take a moment to appreciate these women in their sexy radiance.

I am part of the S-Factor movement and have been dancing with women – even some of the women in this video – for the last 6 years!  I dance because it heals my relationship with women and it feels so good to be sexually expressive and move my body freely.  I dance because it helps me be in my body.  I dance because it a helps me exude feminine radiance.

I was so moved when I saw this and felt compelled to share it.

What did this video ignite in you?  What did you feel?  What did you appreciate?