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Okay, so this is really embarrassing to write about, but for the past three years I've been dealing with stress incontinence.  That means that every time I cough, sneeze, laugh or doing anything that involves jumping up and down, I pee my pants.  (Warning:  this is going to be a little TMI!)  I was doing my Kegels, sometimes, not as often as I tell people to do them and I admit I was a little lazy about getting them done.  The sneezing and peeing was getting worse.  So bad that I had to stop training at the gym because anytime I did a jumping exercise or squat I'd tinkle, and sometimes it wasn't just a little bit, but a lot.  It sucked!

I met Ann, a registered nurse who was working on a new adult product called the INTENSITY, at the Adult Novelties Expo in Las Vegas over a year ago.  I was very excited to learn about a product that might help new moms get their pelvic floor tone and strength back to pre-birth condition.  Of course, I was thinking that perhaps this was the answer to my leakage.

A few months ago the INTENSITY arrived, all wrapped up pretty.  A friend was there during the unwrapping and she asked me if it cleaned my house and did dishes too.  It does seem that this product “does it all”.  It's a vibrator, a dilator (dildo) and it has electric stimulation to help contract and tone your pelvic floor muscles.  So it provides pleasurable orgasmic stimulation while it helps tone and strengthen your PC muscles.  LOVE IT!

But would the INTENSITY work on my little pee issue?  I had to put it to the test.  My first use was less than satisfactory in that my partner didn't read the instructions and he proceeded to electrocute me with sharp zings.  One word of advice: read the instructions.  I got on the phone with Ann and she gave me some more advice.  I went to work using the Intensity about 4 days per week for three weeks.  I'm not a Vibrator girl, so I didn't really use that function.  I mostly focused on the dilator and the electric stimulation.  It was less about pleasure for me and more about getting my vaginal muscles of steel back.  And, the good news is that I got results.

First, I noticed that at the gym I could JUMP without peeing my pants.  That was a very good sign.  Second, I could stop the flow of urine while I was peeing, another good sign that things were improving.  Third, my lover said that I felt different, in a very good way.  I was feeling more snug to him.  And fourth, my orgasms seemed to be better.  Not sure if this has to do with the Intensity, but it seems that I just felt better down there and had a stronger libido to boot.  I definitely felt sexier not having to worry about peeing myself.  That was turning me off big time.

So, I'd say that I am in LOVE with the new INTENSITY.  I interviewed Ann about the product, but also natural ways that we can all improve our pelvic floor strength and health.  You can listen to the interview with Ann HERE.

Visit the INTENSITY site to find out more at  They gave me a coupon to pass along- use Jaiya10 for 10% off.

Here's to stronger orgasms and no more peeing my pants!