_MMS2887-45Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. It’s a time when we start to feel sexier and more alive. Did you know that 67% of people surveyed said that they felt more interested in sex as the weather became warmer? And 74% of people stated that the feel sexier overall. Why?

One, spring is the time for mating and mating means that hormones are raging. We are affected by all the sex hormones, pheromones and pollen in the atmosphere. We are animals after all and spring is a natural mating cycle when sex is in the air.

Two, more skin starts to be exposed and this is good news for both men and women. Men, who seem to be mostly visual in their turn-on, are suddenly exposed to necks, backs, toes and midriffs. Women, who are traditionally more touch responsive, receive skin-to-skin contact now that they are wearing less clothing.

How do we make the most of our boosted libidos and sexy confidence? I’d invite you see spring as a time to challenge yourself to 30 days of personal sex discovery. You can do this with or without a partner. What is something that you’ve always wanted to explore or improve when it comes to you sex life? What would you like to rebirth?

Here are some ideas:

Solo-Pleasure for 30 Days Straight – Commit to 30 Days of Solo-Pleasure practice. How can you expand your orgasms? Experience different kinds of orgasms? Discover you sexual anatomy and how it likes to be touched best? What toys might assist you on your journey? I did this for 101 days straight and I discovered all kinds of things about myself that I didn’t know before. It was also helpful when it came to communicating what I liked to my partner.

30 Day Oral Sex Challenge – Now is the perfect time to experiment some scintillating oral sex with your partner. Sharing a challenge like this can help you learn more about each other, bring your closer together, and help you uncover hidden pleasures. Try a new technique everyday, incorporate hands and mouth combinations and be sure to give each other positive feedback about what you like most! I am currently doing a 90 Day Oral Sex Challenge with my partner and so far it has been fantastic.

Revive Your Sex Drive – Perhaps like the seasons you’ve been stuck in the “winter” of your sex life for far too long. There is no better time to revive your libido than during the spring months. Challenge yourself to daily practices that help you (and your lover) to boost your sexual appetite. Try 30 days of things that help you turn up the heat and thaw out the winter dull drums: Eat aphrodisiacs daily (particularly off each other), start dating again – like you did when you first met, give each other erotic massages, spice things up with some new sex toys, bring a little mystery and obstacle in the bedroom by playing creative love games, or simply try touching and kissing throughout the day.

What do you think? Do you feel sexier and more turned-on in the spring? Are you going to participate in a 30 Day Challenge?